Chi Kung Training for Life Book and Video

Chi Kung Training for Life Book and Video

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The Chi Kung Training for Life Book and Video package combines the Chi Kung Training for Life book with the Chi Kung of the Wu Style 3-Volume DVD video set.

The video series presents detailed information on the Eight Methods and Five Elements Chi Kung of the Wu School of T'ai Chi, as well as self defense applications and push hands concepts based on the Chi Kung shapes and movements practiced in the forms. Disc One presents instruction for the Eight Methods: gathering, circulating, guiding, balancing, spiraling, blending, synthesizing, and storing. Additionally, Disc One features rare, archival footage of Ma Yueh Liang practicing the Eight Methods in their entirety. (WARNING: This particular demo of Teacher Ma Yueh Liang is extremely grainy.) Disc Two presents instruction for the Five Elements practice with instructions for the flow of chi. Additionally, self-defense concepts for frontal and rear attacks, as well as push hands applications using the principles taught in the forms are demonstrated and taught.

The text includes over 300 illustrations and line-drawings and supplemental information on optimizing the maximum benefits from form's practice. The book and video are also sold separately.

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