Calendar of Events

NOTICE: Please check with each event before attending. COVID-19 restrictions have affected most all gatherings and classes, so the events in this list may have been cancelled or rescheduled for a later date.

April 24-25
On April 24 and 25, to help celebrate this years World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, Kim Shelton's latest award winning documentary, Already Free will be available to view at no cost in 13 different languages. You can register for a reminder at

Already Free is an inspiring story of two ordinary people living thousands of mils apart. They independently discover an innovative form of life cultivation and qigong called Ren Xue. Their individual transformations are dramatic and profound, affecting everyone in their lives, generating new hope for humanity, the earth and our entwined destiny. From their stories to the cinematography and the music, this film is anchored in love and awareness as internal obstacles are removed and awakening takes place.


Streamed by several festivals in 2020, the film received the Merit Award of Awareness at Awareness Film Festival 2020, Best Documentary Short at Dreamers of Dreams Film Festival 2020 and as Semi-Finalist at Capital Filmmakers Festival Lisbon 2020.