Healer: Glass Calligraphy Pendant

Healer: Glass Calligraphy Pendant

SKU: M362-silver
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Chinese calligraphy for "Healer" (one who heals) in a necklace/pendant

The term "Healer" is a combination of Yī (医 medical/to treat/to cure) and Zhě (者 a person involved in). Together they form the concept of a person who heals or cures and is often used to describe a physician or doctor as well as a person who is involved with the healing and care of those who are ill.

Approximately .75 x 1.25" rectangular metal bezel with diamond-shaped glass front. The glass magnifies the calligraphy image slightly and the bezel's finish and thick casting gives it a vintage look. Pendant comes with an 18" length black leather cord necklace with end cap, lobster clasp, and a 2" adjustable chain extender (18" - 20"). Silk jewelry gift pouch included (random colors).

Choice of 3 bezel colors: Polished Silver, Vintage Copper, or Gunmetal Silver.