Making a House a Home

During a series of workshops I offered in Spain several years ago, I ended up staying in over 33 different locations during a two-month period. When I came home, I really understood at a deep level the truth of Dorothy's statement in the Wizard of Oz that "there's no place like home!" Prior to that experience, I was unaware of how I had taken for granted the comfort, security, peace, and sense of well being my home provided me. It was more than just a bed, bathroom and kitchen, all of which I had in Spain, it was much more. Being deprived of my own home for such a long time, gave me a newfound appreciation of what a home provides.

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In this era of increasing number of Home Improvement, Home Make-over, and Fix-Up television shows, in our efforts to fix, remodel, remake, and change our homes, we often forget to appreciate them as well.

We frequently use the term "homemaker," but what do we mean by that phrase? If you really think about it, isn't it someone who is adding a feminine touch to the household environment? In the successful TV make over show, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" the Fab 5 demonstrate that this "feminine touch" resides in male bodies as well. As Masaru Emoto's research with water crystals reveals, love and gratitude is a powerful energy that is actually imprinted upon our physical environment! And isn't that what really makes a house a home? That feeling of love and well being that we get when we walk inside. Like Grandma's house, with warm goodies baking in the oven, and the knowledge that there's always a safe place where we can just come and relax, and be ourselves.

If you take the time to do this simple exercise, you will see for yourself the living, dynamic relationship you have with your home, not just as a house with four walls and doors, but a Home, as a conscious, living Being that responds to our thoughts, our feelings and our love vibrations. And isn't it those feelings and vibrations which really make our house a home?

Try This! Making Your House a Home:

Find a place where you feel very comfortable in your house, and just settle in and relax for a few minutes.

Begin to think of all that your home does to serve you and your family's needs. How does it sustain you, support you, allow you to fulfill your dreams… Take a moment to jot down what your home provides for you and your family: Imagine what life would be like without your home. If you stayed in hotels everyday of your life, how would you feel? What would be different? What would be missing? Take a moment to really feel the appreciation and gratitude you have for your home and all it offers you.

Now imagine the Spirit of your home. Some think of it as the Angel of their Home. It is the energy being that records and receives all the thoughts, feelings and vibrations you have about your home.

Now offer the love and gratitude you feel for your home to this Spirit of your Home. By whatever name you call it, the deva of your property will respond to your love. Really let it know just how much you appreciate all that you receive from your home and how much you love being there.

Then thank this being for all that it does energetically on your property, known and unknown, and for being willing to work with you to continue to increase the vibrations of your space.

After you are finished, do something physical to anchor your intentions. You could offer a dish of flowers, light a candle, or ring a bell. Whatever you decide to do as a symbol to remind you of your feelings of appreciation and gratitude towards your home, do it as your daily act to say "hello" and "thank you" to your home. Each time you do the act, remember the feelings of love and gratitude you feel, and consciously offer those feelings to the Angel of your Home.

As simple as this exercise may sound, you will be amazed at the difference noticed in a very short time of doing this exercise. Everything is alive, regardless of whether or not we can recognize it. Your home is no different, and all life responds to love and appreciation.

Christan Hummel is author of the best selling book, the Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit and an international lecturer, and workshop leader. She has taught thousands around the world how to create sacred space in their homes and cities. For more information see:

Excerpted with permission from Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit. Published in Qi Journal, Summer 2009.