Daoist Master Chen Tuan’s Simplified 7-Stage Taiji Ruler System

Daoist Master Chen Tuan’s Simplified 7-Stage Taiji Ruler System

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This esoteric energy cultivation system is simple – yet profound - and can be used for internal martial arts training, self-healing, and spiritual refinement. The entire system includes the following:

  • The 6 set - Sitting Taiji Ruler training
  • The 8 set - Standing Taiji Ruler training
  • The 5 set - Taiji Ball training
  • The 9 set - Taiji Ruler Shengong (Spirit Skill) training
  • The Long 3-foot Two-Man Taiji Ruler training
  • The Taiji Post Striking training
  • The Taiji Rice-Paper Striking training
  • The 6 Combinations and 8 Methods training theory

The knowledge of internal energy cultivation and mind skill training is essential for mastering each of these Taiji Ruler levels. Yet many times the general public only receives basic “form movements” which lack the ancient training that was originally designed to energetically activate and effectively empower these simple sets.

Which is why included in this short 138-page color photo book is the ancient history, lineage, foundational training, and meditation teachings that were originally designed to assist a practitioner in mastering this ancient Daoist system.