John Domont "Three Treasures" Artwork

John Domont "Three Treasures" Artwork


Qi Journal has a special arrangement with Dragon Herbs: Use the link blow and use code "Qi" at checkout to receive FREE shipping on an order of John Domont's "Three Treasures" artwork (original art or limited edition signed print). A $25 shipping value.

John J Domont is an artist whose work portrays the constancy of Life’s beauty, harmony and balance. He paints, photographs and writes poetry. Mr. Domont’s work honors the harmony of the seen and the sensed, fusing beauty with content. Mr. Domont has had a varied and prolific career.

The Dragon Herb store has 10 of the paintings available. The originals are $3925.00 and limited edition prints are $425.00.

Note: When using this link, it will open a new window into the Dragon Herb store. They will process your order(s). Make sure you use the "Qi" code at checkout to receive the FREE shipping offer.

Link: Dragon Herbs Special