The Essential Qigong Training Course

The Essential Qigong Training Course

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In the qigong tradition, serious students commit to a 100-day training retreat to learn this cornerstone practice of traditional Chinese healing. Now, for the first time, qigong training is available in a comprehensive home-study curriculum taught by renowned China scholar and qigong master Ken Cohen.

With The Essential Qigong Training Course, you will learn more than 70 qigong practicesósome rarely taught outside of Chinaófor harnessing the massive power of qi (literally, the ìvital breath,î or energy of the universe) to create vitality, spiritual balance, and physical health. Complete kit includes:

• A 100-page, weekly workbook of original material that directs you step-by-step on this classical, life-changing course that will flood your body with qi, and literally change you at the cellular level in as little as 20 minutes a day

• Qigong DVD workout offers you a complete, 90-minute programmable workout you can practice anytime, anywhere. Dozens of demonstrations to learn ancient movements and meditative postures that detoxify, energize, and heal the body

• Five-audio-CD training course covers every phase of qigong theory and practice, including 25 rare meditation exercises that balance emotions, boost immunity, increase sexual vitality, and enhance spiritual well-being

• Qi Healing DVD includes three hours of essential teachings and hands-on exercises to learn how to direct the healing qi energy to others effectively and safely, and more. 5 CDs, 3 DVDs, 59-page guidebook, 9 hours

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