Breath Medicine

Breath Medicine

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Exhale your stress...Practice Five Easy Healthy Breathing Exercises for Energy and Vitality.

Breathing well is a problem for so many. In this easy-to-follow program, pioneering author Roger Jahnke, O.M.D., teaches you to breathe to your full potential. A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and co-founder of the National Qigong Association (NQA), Dr. Jahnke has dedicated his entire professional life to sharing powerful ancient healing traditions.

For over 40 years, Dr. Jahnke has taught healthy breathing exercises to thousands of people worldwide. In this home version, he leads you through a systematic way to improve your breath, offering current medical insights along the way. Techniques include Conscious breath to gain intentional control over your breathing. Maximizing breath to increase your lung capacity and oxygenation. Elixir breath to give you more energy (qi) and boost your immunity. Ultra breath to develop your resilience and expand your energy further. Symphony of breath to blend the techniques and refine your breathing skills.

With intentional use of the brain and lungs to modify the breath, you will:

Absorb more oxygen into the blood & activate the immune system. Soothe and calms the autonomic nervous system. Shift the production of health-inducing neurotransmitters. Regulate brain and heart coordination. Accelerate internal cleansing through increased lymph propulsion
And sustain your DNA's capacity to replicate healthy cells.

However, this only happens when your breath is engaged consciously. Using these methods will activate a strong beneficial effect on your neurochemistry, enhancing internal mechanisms that support self-healing, restoration, creativity, productivity, and inner peace. DVD disc, all regions, region-free. 2023. Run time: 100 minutes.

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