Shifu: Glass Calligraphy Pendant

Shifu: Glass Calligraphy Pendant

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Chinese calligraphy for "Shifu"(Sifu) in a necklace/pendant.

Shifu is pinyin for the Mandarin pronunciation and Sifu for the Cantonese pronunciation of the same written words. It is a title used for a skillful person or master. Some confusion in English exists because there is another title for one who is skilled that sounds identical but is written differently and refers to a skill obtained in a working-class profession such as cooking or taxi driving. The characters we use here for Shifu translate literally to "teacher"and "father", and are commonly used in Martial Arts or spiritual studies as a title of great respect for instructors and masters of their art who can teach techniques as well as nurture the morality of their students as a father would.

Approximately .75 x 1.25"rectangular metal bezel with diamond-shaped glass front. The glass magnifies the calligraphy image slightly and the bezel's finish and thick casting gives it a vintage look. Pendant comes with an 18"length black leather cord necklace with end cap, lobster clasp, and a 2"adjustable chain extender (18"- 20"). Silk jewelry gift pouch included (random colors).

Choice of 3 bezel colors: Polished Silver