Perilla Clear

Perilla Clear

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Tonic herbs, especially adaptogenic herbs, can be very effective in helping maintain the healthy dynamic balance of the lungs and immune system. Perilla Clear™ supports immune response and supports healthy lung functions. Deep, open breathing must be a central aspect of any program supporting glowing health. Qi, the life energy that animates our bodies and minds, is generated to a very large extent by the lungs. The ability to efficiently extract energy from the air we breathe is fundamental to achieving glowing health, and this ability to extract Qi from the air is dependent upon a well-balanced immune system.

Adaptogenic herbs have been shown to have the ability to support healthy immune system and respiratory functioning. For this reason, Perilla Clear™, Dragon Herbs premium tonic formulation designed to fortify the balanced healthy functions of the immune system, is fundamentally a powerful adaptogenic formula. It contains five of the most powerful adaptogenic herbs in the world. All the herbs in this formula have been shown to have powerful effects on healthy immune system function. They all benefit respiration as well in a variety of ways. Perilla Clear™ is an adaptogenic tonic formulation.

Perilla ClearTM is a tonic formulation designed for people who live in polluted, dusty, smoky or pollen dense environments. This is an adaptogenic formulation with a powerful immune regulator, Perilla seed oil, as its lead ingredient. Perilla seed oil has more than 55% α-linolenic acid, an important omega-3 fatty acid. Perilla seed oil powder, derived by a high tech process from the oil, has been shown to have 5-lipxygenase (5-LO) activity. Perilla seed oil extract supports normal healthy respiratory functions.

100 capsules. Dosage: 3 capsules 2 times per day.