From a Chinese clinical treatment standpoint, Guo Lin Walking Qigong became the most popular and effective form of Qigong for cancer. Source:

The most outstanding use of qigong in the treatment of cancer centers around the use of various mental, social and physical techniques created by a Chinese woman named Guo Lin. It is widely practiced throughout the Chinese communities of Asia, however for various legal, economic, and cultural reasons it is rarely found—at least publicly—in the western world.

Guo Lin called it her "New Qigong Therapy." It is both multi-faceted and extensive with many different individual gestures, breathing patterns, and vocal exercises. Space limitations bring this article's focus to a main part of its practice formally known as "Natural Walking Wind-Breathing Anti-Cancer Qigong."

Disclaimer: This entry is not offered as a cure for cancer or for any other disease. Nor is it intended to replace any cancer therapy prescribed by a physician. It is only offered for educational purposes. Consult your physician before commencing this or any other exercise regime.

Guo Lin wrote, to achieve a reasonable treatment, organically combine Chinese and Western medicine, qigong, diet, and psychology. Adopt their respective strengths and avoid their shortcomings. This will make us more likely to recover, live longer, and live a better quantity of life. Guolin New Qigong: An Introduction, p. 20.

Guo Lin Teaching her New Qigong Walking. Source: Beijing Guolin Fitness Consulting Co., Ltd. - 北京郭林健身咨询有限公司版权所有.

Guo Lin Biography

Guo Lin (6.8.1909 - 12.14.1984) was born in Sanxiang in Guangdong province, in southern China. In Chinese characters her name is 郭林. Her father, a political revolutionary, died when she was two. In a few years, the remaining family moved to Macau to live with her grandfather who taught her a Shaolin-like qigong. At Guangzhou High School for girls she majored in Art. After graduation, she taught painting at the Beijing Art Academy. She became successful landscape painter and teacher of art.

International wars and national revolutions brought poverty, fear, famine, and unexpected death to many millions in China, all of which took their toll on her health. In 1949 she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and a hysterectomy was performed. (She also suffered from heart disease, arthritis, and hypertension.) By 1960 the cancer returned, now spreading to her bladder. After six unsuccessful operations she refused a seventh and she was told that she would die in six months.

Seeking to cure herself, she began to practice several Shaolin qigong forms that her grandfather had taught her when she was a child, but they didn't seem to help, and she grew sicker. Always known for her strong will, she now increased her studies, reading traditional Chinese and western medicine text books, as well as experimenting with various historical qigong exercises and breathing meditations. She practiced for many hours a day, seven days a week. The result was that she created her own qigong consisting of various relaxation meditations, along with walking and breathing exercises, and within six months, even to her own surprise, the cancer went into remission and her health returned. After ten years there was still no trace of that disease. Source: Paul Dong. "How Chi Gong works on cancer."

From her experiences in bringing health to herself—and by this time to several others—she publically unveiled what she called her "New Qigong" therapy on September 4, 1971 in Dongdan Park in Beijing, and began teaching it for no charge to all those who came to her.

This was the time of the Cultural Revolution when several million people met with what the Chinese government still euphemistically describes as "abnormal death." The ten-year period from 1966-1977 if mentioned at all is officially called, "The Ten Years of Turmoil." Guo Lin called it "The Bloody Rain."

Red Guards wave copies of Chairman Mao Zedong's Little Red Book during a parade in June 1966 in Beijing's streets at the beginning of China's Cultural Revolution. Source: Jean Vincent/AFP/Getty Images.

At that time anyone doing anything related to China's Pre-Communist past such as qigong, or traditional Chinese medicine put themselves in danger, for such practices were called "anti-revolutionary fake and fraudulent," and were politically and culturally unacceptable. Guo Lin, along with those who helped her, could be incarcerated for political indoctrination and "re-education." Additionally, she and anyone practicing qigong with her were in danger of being physically attacked by the teen-aged thugs collectively known as the Red Guards and being beaten, or murdered, by them.[1]

In 1976 the Cultural Revolution ended with Chairman Mao's death. "By 1977 (Guo Lin) had achieved such tremendous results that she publicly announced that qigong could heal cancer, and thus her classes grew to 300-400 students a day." Source:

"Since then thousands of cancer patients have taken part in her Qigong therapy classes at various coaching centers, located over twenty cities and provinces in China, and have attained remissions from this life-threatening disease." Source:[2]

Always caring more for others than herself, and by being overly committed to her work—(her husband said that "she had her patients in her heart and not herself")—she suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage, and died on December 14, 1984 at the age of seventy-five.[3]

By the mid-1980s it was estimated that there were more than one million people practicing her Walking Qigong in China. Also many Walking Qigong institutions, associations, health resorts and hospitals were established.

In 1998 after extensive examinations the Chinese government approved of Guo Lin Qigong as being effective for the health of the masses. David A. Palmer. Qigong Fever. p. 181-2 Source: Qigong Fever: Body, Science, and Utopia in China

More than two million copies of books by Guo Lin have been published in China, making her the author of the largest number of books about qigong to appear in that country. Source:, which lists the holdings of libraries throughout the world, shows thirty-three separate publications with titles containing 郭林新气功 ("Guo Lin New Qigong"). Source: None of these books are available in English, or in any other western language, at the time of the writing of this article (June, 2019).

Guo Lin Natural Walking Wind-Breathing Qigong: The Preparatory Exercises

1. Stand in a Relaxed Fashion (opens in new window)

2. Three Special Breaths (opens in new window)

3. Three Opening and Closing Hand Movements (opens in new window)

 1. Stand in a Relaxed Fashion. The eyes are closed. The shoulders feel like they are hanging down loosely. The knees are slightly bent. The tongue is on the upper palate. If necessary to still the mind silently count to sixty. Cancer patients generally remain standing this way for two to three minutes. Those with chronic diseases generally stand from three to five minutes. The direction you face in depends on the location of the disease. 1. East: liver, gallbladder. 2. South: heart, small intestine, brain, tongue. 3. West: lung, large intestine, nose, skin. 4. North: kidney, bladder, ear, bone, reproductive organs, endocrine. 5. Southwest: spleen, sarcoma. 6. Northeast: stomach, esophagus. 7. If not sure of the location of the disease face North. From: "Guolin Qigong: Preparatory Exercise." (Beginning at 1:40.) See video link at right.

2. Three Special Breaths. Place the hands on the lower abdomen just below the navel. Men place the right hand above the left; women place the left hand above the right. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Then one normal breath in and out through the nose. Do this same pattern for a total of three times. See: "Cancer – We Can Beat It." from 23:56 to 27:35. See video link at right.

3. Three Opening and Closing Hand Movements. (also called, "Spreading the Waters," or "Opening and Closing the Dantian."). The body, shoulders, arms, and hands are relaxed. The eyes are closed, and the tongue is on the pallet. The palms face each at the level of the waist. Gather in (close) the hands as you inhale through the nose. Open the hands with the palms facing downward as you exhale through the nose. Do this three times. See the video "Cancer – We Can Beat It." from 27:40 to 29:20. See video link at right.

Note: the Dantian is the major location for the storage and cultivation of vital life energy (Qi) located slightly beneath and behind the navel in the center of the lower torso.

David Rosenberg demonstrates this basic walk on his "Guo Lin Chi Kung - Beginning Walking, The Basic Walking Style." (opens in new window)

Natural Walking Wind-Breathing Anti-Cancer Qigong: The Main Exercise. Women begin by standing with the right toes touching the ground slightly behind them. Then take two quick inhalations through the nose and swing both hands to the left and step forward with the right foot by lifting the toes up from the ground and then having the right heel step down on the ground. As the heel touches the ground, exhale through the nose and swing both hands to the right, and step forward with the left foot.

Take two more inhalations, and again swing both hands to the left, and step forward with the right foot. As the right heel touches the ground exhale and swing the hands to the right and step out with the left foot; but now (with loose shoulders and waist) turn the head to look to the right.

If the woman's health and level of comfort allow for it, continue this pattern for fifteen to twenty minutes, then reverse sides (right becomes left and left becomes right) and continue for another fifteen to twenty minutes.

Men do the opposite. Begin by standing with the left toes touching the ground slightly behind them. Then take two quick inhalations through the nose and swing both hands to the right and step forward with the left foot by first lifting the toes up from the ground and then having the left heel step down on the ground. As the heel touches the ground, exhale through the nose and swing both hands to the left, and step forward with the right foot.

Take two more inhalations, and again swing both hands to the right, and step forward with the left foot. As the left heel touches the ground exhale and swing the hands to the left and step out with the right foot but now (with loose shoulders and waist) turn the head to the left.

If the man's health and level of comfort allow for it, continue this pattern for fifteen to twenty minutes, then reverse sides (left becomes right and right becomes left) and continue for an additional fifteen to twenty minutes.

After completing one of these 30-to-40 minute sessions, and before commencing another such session, both men and women should do the Opening and Closing Hand Movement for three times. This helps settle the newly activated qi-life energy into the lower dantian.

The question of how many and for how long such sessions should be repeated will be addressed directly below.

The Concluding Exercise in Three Parts. When coming to the end of a completed Walking Qigong practice, perform the Preparatory Exercises again, but now in an inverted order. First do the Opening and Closing Hand Movements: Inhale and close the palms hands towards the belly, and exhale and open the hands with the palms facing downward; do this three times. Next do the Three Special Breaths: Place the hands on the lower abdomen. Women left hand on top of right. Men right hand on top of left. Inhale through nose, exhale through mouth. Then take one breath in and out through nose. Do this for a total of three times. Next Stand Relaxed For two or three minutes. This brings the practice to a close. Return to your normal day's activities.

How fast and for how long should a person or a group of people spend in practicing Natural Walking Wind-Breathing Anti-Cancer Qigong? Properly speaking, the length, speed, and nature of the exercise should be determined by a skilled and experienced instructor based on observations of the health and stamina of the practitioner.

Qigong Master John Dolic writes, (Gou Lin) Walking Qigong should be practiced for two to five hours a day. The practice is done in 15-minute intervals with plenty of breaks in between. In other words, it is not a solid two to five hours' worth of practice. Those who cannot walk for even 5 minutes can take a few steps, then stop and rest, then another few steps and so on (to start with). Gradually, as their stamina improves and they become able to walk for two hours, they should keep that as their daily minimum. …

He adds: Most of Walking Qigong should be practiced in the morning and outside. Ideally near water or under trees. Source: Qigong Chinese Health.

Guo Lin said it depends on the person and the state of their health, and if the person feels exhausted the next day, they should reduce the extent of their practice. She also said the entire practice with its repeating sessions can take up to four to five hours a day. Guo Lin would often advise that, "Patients suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, and other chronic diseases should use a weak wind-breathing (two inhalations, one exhalation) or perhaps just normal breathing, and their rate of walking should be slower. Those with poor physical weakness can walk in less than twenty minutes intervals." Source: Guolin (Guo Lin) Qigong.pdf in Enhlish (sic) & Other Language.

Source: Beijing Guolin Fitness Consulting Co., Ltd. - 北京郭林健身咨询有限公司版权所有.

Additional Comments: For cancer of the liver, gallbladder, both male or female patients begin by first stepping forward with their right foot.

The practice is called "Wind-Breathing" because if done correctly the air coming into the nose should feel like wind blowing through a small passage, and sound and feel as if you were sniffing a flower. To accomplish this, you should quickly inhale twice and exhale once through the nose. To keep track of this breathing and its required walking movements, you might think to yourself—or have someone say—in-in out; in-in turn. On some Chinese videos you might hear something like, she-she, ho; she-she, dwahn. Which means, inhale-inhale, exhale; inhale-inhale, turn (the head).

Any saliva generated in the mouth is to be thought of as a healing liquid Qi. Swallow it in three mouthfuls down into the (lower) Dantian.

Very Important Information About Heart Disease: Throughout the internet, even in Guo Lin's own words, there is this apparent conflicting information: If a person suffers from heart disease, (or hypertension) it is both advised to practice, or not to practice Guo Lin's Natural Walking Wind-Breathing Qigong. Therefore if afflicted with such diseases it is absolutely necessary to consult with your physician or professional medical consultant before commencing this or any other exercise.

Contraindications. "Guo Lin Qigong is not suitable for the treatment of acute diseases, infectious diseases, trauma, mental illness and so on." From: (转载)郭林气功学练指导 (Reprinted) Guo Lin Qigong training guidance). (Accessed May 22, 2019) Source.

Insights into the Successes of Guo Lin Anti-Cancer Walking Qigong. (Walking) Qigong readjusts the mind, the body, and the breathing. The peace of mind, the strong motive and faith to get well, combined with all the benefits from this holistic exercise, promote the body's neuroendocrine systems to adapt to the new mental and physical changes, which in turn triggers the immune system to function at higher and more competent levels. The end result is increased resistance to fight off diseases. Source.

Guolin Qigong can also transport our internal Qi, dredge the meridians, harmonize the blood, improve the circulation, and adjust the balance of yin and yang in our body. Therefore, through practice, we can achieve self-regulation and self-repair in the body. This will improve the body's resistance. Our immune function is improved, it can cure cancer, but also prevent cancer. Source:

Breathing. Guo Lin taught: An important cause of cancer is when the body, or a region of the body, is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. This condition is known as hypoxia. That is why I created my "wind breathing method" (i.e., inhale-inhale-exhale, repeat) where a large amount of oxygen is inhaled during the practice of my Walking Qigong. This encourages immune cells to destroy cancer cells. This is best practiced during all four seasons of the year, outdoors in clean air. It is important that the breathing be done without any exertion and that body movements are loose and natural; and that the mind is silenced. The length and intensity of the practice are dictated by the physical condition of the person. It is also necessary to study the theory of my new qigong therapy with a verified master. (Taken in part from "Why Does Guo Lin Qigong Fight Cancer?" ( and also in part from: Zhou Guangqing, Ph.D. "(Guo Lin Qigong) Guo Linxin Qigong Therapy for the Scientific Mechanism of Cancer Treatment." (

Bioelectricity. Guo Lin taught: The potential of the bioelectric voltage of tumors is always lower than normal cells. The people who practice qigong can produce a kind of magnetic static electricity. It has been reported in the medical literature that if treated with this positive potential magnetism, a cancerous tumor may disappear. The secret of this cancer treatment is that it mobilizes human bioelectricity through scientific practice methods (of breath, movement, and meditation), and uses this bioelectricity to transform puerile cancer cells into mature normal cells, and cancerous tumors disappear without a trace. Cancer patients recover rapidly, spontaneously, unconsciously and without pain. Source: (Note: Bioelectricity is another name for vital life energy, or Qi.)

Mental State. Guo Lin repeatedly taught that the most important aspect of her qigong was relaxation: "The whole emphasis in this practice is relaxing."..."Relaxation is the core of all qigong, and (my) Guo Lin Qigong in no exception." Guolin New Qigong: An Introduction; 2.1.2, p. 14.

Yang Heel Vessel. Source:

Guo Lin also often emphasized that patients should constantly practice having a still peaceful mind where they exclude all distracting thoughts. "For our healing work this is so important because the impact of negative emotions is another cause of the disease. Emotional depression can lead to a decline in the immune function and accelerate the death of cancer patients. I repeatedly stress to my counselors the need to listen and understand the thinking and emotions, as well as the pains and sufferings, of their patients; then to make a supreme effort to resolve such negative thinking by guiding them in increasing their mental confidence in an increased belief in the success of their fight against the disease." Source:

Acupressure Points and Meridians. The Guo Lin Walking Qigong opens important acupuncture points in the palms of the hands and in the Gall Bladder channel (meridian) near the hip joints. The lifting of the toes opens the Kidney-1 points. Lifting and stepping down on the heels opens the Yang Heel vessel, called the Yang Qiao Mai. Source: This extra-ordinary meridian tones and regulates its flow of Qi that connects to many other important life-energy channels. (More at "Guolin Qigong.")

Social Oncology. Humans interacting with other humans in ways to promote recovery from cancer is known as "Social Oncology." ("Oncology" means the study of cancer.) Guo Lin strongly emphasized the benefit that both patients and healers receive from the positive social energy generated within a walking groups, as well as the enjoyment of being part of a supportive caring group. She recognized the healing power of unconditional love and compassion, and credited it with creating optimistic attitudes, and the more people expect a healing to happen, the more likely it will happen.

It is not going too far afield to say that if Guo Lin didn't invent social oncology, at least she, and those who followed after her, developed its techniques so that hundreds of thousands of people began practicing it: They have Walking Qigong gatherings and yearly reunions in many Chinese cities, where ex-cancer patients come to sing, dance and talk about their experiences. The atmosphere is always very alive, optimistic and at times dramatic when they describe what they have been through before discovering Walking Qigong. John Dolic. Qi Gong Chinese Health.

Malaysian Guolin Qigong Research Association weekend training camp (opens in new window)

I want you the reader to now spend a few minutes looking at photographs taken a the Malaysian Guolin Qigong Research Association weekend training camp at The Regency, Port Dickson, a beach side resort in November, 2015. They're here on YouTube

They clearly show the positive mental states enjoyed in such highly supportive social groups.

We think that the reason Guo Lin's chi gong was especially effective is because she had her patients train in groups. Group practice is the best way to arouse interest and bring good cheer. Interest helps one concentrate on doing the chi gong exercises, and cheerfulness produces a beneficial effect on the organism. As the first step in curing cancer, Guo Lin had the patients come together as a group and swear an oath to resist cancer, for the purpose of increasing their fighting spirit. Willpower was applied as a healing technique. In a large group of patients (Guo Lin's cancer therapy groups usually consisted of seventy people), there would be one or two of a more sensitive disposition, achieving the beneficial effects of chi gong earlier than the others. As soon as one or two patients had shown good results, the rest of the patients would be encouraged to have greater confidence, and as we know, a positive attitude plays a role in curing disease. Also, if people practice chi gong exercises alone and then fail to achieve results, they are more likely to become discouraged. Paul Dong; pp. 91-92.

For further information about Guo Lin and social oncology see Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson. "Medical Qigong Therapy and Clinical Oncology." and Roger Jahnke. The Healer Within, pp.168-170.

Song of Cancer (opens in new window)

Group Singing Social Oncology. Throughout Asia, Guo Lin Anti-Cancer groups perform singing social oncology in a variety of ways, for example the "Song of Cancer" by the Malaysian Guolin Qigong Research Association.

The words of the song translated into English on that site begin with:

You don't have to be sad when you find out you have cancer.

You should not delay the surgical operation when it is needed.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy have to be carried out timing.

Drink Chinese herbs as it helps strengthen the immunity system.

Don't go for any improper treatment.

Practice Guo Lin Qigong unceasingly.

Your recovery will bring great happiness to the entire family.

(Guo Lin Qigong Dance) (opens in new window)

Guo Lin Qigong Dance. Here the formal movements of qigong become transformed into a seemingly ritualistic dance performed by members of the Malaysian Guolin Qigong Research Association for their 20th anniversary and 3rd Cancer Warrior Celebration during 2013 in Xiandu, Kuala Lumpur. 郭林气功舞蹈 – (Guo Lin Qigong Dance). YouTube.


A basic factor that triggers healing is the meaning a person consciously or subconsciously gives to the medical procedures that they are undergoing. Traditional Chinese scholars might explain this by saying that life energy is led and guided by what the mind is thinking—(as in qi follows mental intention). This is about the power of the mind, the power of imagination, and the power of the will. The power to heal is something that we ourselves have; it is not something only possessed by a doctor, druggist, or surgeon.

Each of the components of Guo Lin New Qigong carry at least one positive meaning. Doing the walking exercises in a public park, early in the morning, with like-minded people, often dressed in a semi-official Guo Lin uninforms, moving qi in the body and ridding the body of pernicious qi, all create a sense of doing something worthwhile that will aid in the conquering of a vicious disease. Add to this working (usually) under a charismatic hard working and able leader to create even more faith that its practitioners will become healthy once again.

And even more so, all this directly connects to doing a qigong created by Guo Lin who brought herself back from certain death by doing the same qigong that you and those around you are now doing. Guo Lin, a woman who put her life in danger in adverse political situations, and brought her no-cost health treatment, largely independent from any governmental or medical industry control, to people throughout China.

It is no surprise that participating in such a grand communal ritual of striving to gain personal health creates an overflowing sense of personal meaning which dramatically increases the potential of any healing effect.

And even if death is inevitable, the calming and relaxing exercises of Guo Lin Qigong done with other people in similar situations, in a natural setting, with a meaningful possibility and hope that life itself can be somewhat extended, can create.

Further comments from Guo Lin: Whichever speed—slow, medium or fast—is chosen, the Walk must be done precisely and with full body awareness. It is important to study (my) Guo Lin books, but that alone will not cure an illness: A person must practice and master the skills of breathing in quantities of oxygen, doing one of the walking methods, as well as being relaxed, and practicing calm and silent meditation. Learn from your teacher, have them check your merits. But it is you who must keep testing the effectiveness of this qigong, study and explore with each other. 郭林氣功 - 簡介. (Guolin New Qigong: An Introduction) - (p.15, 2.2.1)

Concluding Comments:

This entry is no more than a short introduction to Guo Lin's anti-cancer walking qigong meant only to introduce it to an English-speaking audience. In actuality her complete "New Qigong" Therapy is composed of much more than the one set of coordinated steps, arm swings and breathing as presented in this article, although that regime is what is most commonly found in books and on YouTube. However, the reality is that are at least twenty-six kinds of Walking Qigong that are applied to different diseases. She also used Stick Rolling Exercises where a stick is rolled between the palms while squatting and turning the trunk to right and left. YouTube:

There is also the vocal techniques of "Guo Lin Qigong Expelling Sounds" used in the healing of specific illnesses. YouTube:

Space limitations prevent any further remarks about those subjects in this essay.

Given the legal difficulties, especially in the United States, in practicing any cancer healing modality that is outside accredited hospitals or governmental approved practices, it is difficult to find trained Guo Lin Qigong instructors and healers. However, the International Guolin Qigong Culture Research Association based in Hong Kong has a web site in English that does list worldwide organizations. Source:


Lin Xiao & Guo Lin. Source: Today in History

#1 Footnote: During that dangerous time of continual personal criticism and intense governmental harassment Guo Lin applied for and was granted a visa to come to the United States to live with her daughter. But she changed her mind; later she wrote, I suddenly thought that Qigong was one of the treasures of the motherland's medicine. I saw many patients suffering from pain, and determined to bear the burden of humiliation. I resolutely withdrew my application abroad and became more active in qigong cancer treatment (and) practice. New Qigong therapy has been repeatedly validated in many cancer and chronically ill patients, saying that it has a unique therapeutic effect and that Guo Lin has explored a new path for Qigong to strengthen the body. Source:

#2 Footnote: Jampa Mackenzie Stewart offers more conservative figures: (Guo Lin) taught her system to tens of thousands of people, assisting in the documented cancer cures of over 300 patients and the improvement of thousands of others. Medical Qigong: A Vital Branch of Oriental Medicine Source:

#3 Footnote: More biographical information about her is at "Recall(ing) Guo Lin" written by her husband, Lin Xiao. Source:


Books in English

Chinese Medical Qigong; edited by Tianjun Liu, Xiao Mei Qiang. "11. New Qigong Therapy"; pp. 251-260. Singing Dragon, 2013. (note: Guo Lin's name is never mentioned, although some of her qigong is described. The book was originally published in China in 2010.)

Paul Dong. Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health. pp. 91-92. Marlowe, 1990.

David A. Palmer. Qigong Fever: Body, Science, and Utopia in China. Columbia University, 2007.

Note: Although her five or so basic texts have been republished over 200 times in Asia, no translation of any of them exists in English or any other western language in book form.

Books in Chinese

郭林新氣功—(Guo Lin New Qigong). 郭林新氣功研究會編著. (author) Guo Lin New Qigong Research Committee). (Text in Traditional script.) ISBN 978-9574680344. DaZhan Publishing Co Ltd, 2000.

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Online Books and Articles in Chinese

Note: for non-Chinese readers, translating tools such as are partially useful with this material. Also see:

郭林氣功 - 簡介. (Guolin New Qigong: An Introduction); (in Traditional Chinese script).

郭林气功全集(新)— 重排高清版. Guo Lin Qigong Complete Works (New HD Version)-Scribd

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马来西亚蒲种郭林气功研究会. (Persatuan Guolin Qigong Puchong, Malaysia…).

郭林新气功治癌的三点原理. (The Three Principles of Guo Lin New Qigong Treatment of Cancer).

郭林气功为什么能抗癌,这些你能了解吗?(Why can Guo Lin Qigong fight cancer? Can you understand this?)

为什么郭林气功抗癌?(Why Does Guo Lin Qi Gong Fight Cancer?)

Zhou Guangqing, Ph.D.【郭林气功】郭林新气功疗法治癌的科学机理

(Guo Lin Qigong) Guo Linxin Qigong Therapy for the Scientific Mechanism of Cancer Treatment.)

Web Sites in English

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Welcome to Persatuan Guolin Qigong Malaysia.


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