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Summer 2019.



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Welcome to Qi Journal




What's in the Summer 2019 Issue?


Regulating the Teaching and Practice of Qigong and T'ai Chi

By Tom Rogers and Josie Weaver: The practice of Qigong and T'ai Chi (Taijiquan) has grown in popularity and come to the attention of Western Medicine as a wellness practice to such an extent that it has been called "medication in motion". However, the increasing use in clinical situations for achieving beneficial medical outcomes has been linked to calls for regulation and standardization. In this article, we outline issues involved in the regulation and standardization of QT and discuss some of the pros and cons of regulation.


Qi in Taijiquan Applications

By Zhang Yun: Qi is a special concept in traditional Chinese culture. It is a fundamental concept that permeates virtually all aspects of Chinese culture. It is used just as naturally and frequently in talking about mundane everyday things as in discussing high-level philosophy. For this reason, it is extremely difficult for someone who was not brought up in this environment to obtain a deep understanding of the concept. In this article, we will focus on how to apply the tangible qi in Taijiquan applications.


The Heart of the Matter...True Cardiovascular Health

By Denise Thunderhawk, L.Ac.: According to the American Heart Association, half of all Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. According to Chinese Medicine, chronic stress, depression, overwork, constant worry and discontentment with one's life all affect the heart. It is the organ responsible for the expression of joy. The heart houses our shen/consciousness, governs Mind, and circulates the blood. Imbalances in any of the Seven Emotions (anger, joy, worry/over-thinking, grief, fear/fright) also affect the heart's function physically, spiritually and emotionally.


Developing the Energetic Matrix with Internal Observation

By Jill Gonet, MFA.: The path of internal cultivation may, over the course of the years, include a variety of practices. The list of complementary practices is long, and each practice may have its value in an individual's internal cultivation. There are several angles of approach, and each may be tried. When we are making progress with a particular style of quiet sitting, we will know because we will also be making progress in other areas of our lives.



Departments include "Training Essentials: Slowing Down"; "The Even Distribution of Weight"; "Qi in Tuina (Chinese Therapeutic Massage)"; "Chinese Hand Fans"; "Qixi (Double Seventh Festival)" and our news and cultural tidbits. We hope you enjoy this, our 114th consecutive issue.


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