Feng Shui Astrology

Human life is affected by three major influences: Heaven, Human and Earth. These three forces have been studied for thousands of years throughout Asia and natural systems have evolved that reveal their influences in daily life. Chinese astrology, either Four Pillars of Destiny or Purple Star Fate calculation reveal heaven's influence, earth's influences are harmonized by feng shui and humanity transforms life with hard work, personal development and Qi Gong cultivation. Professional life consultants harmonize these three influences to optimize life.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with one's environment. It has evolved over thousands of years from a folk art to a sophisticated system containing Asian philosophy, metaphysics, astronomy and universal cosmology. There are many styles of feng shui practiced throughout the world, generally blending old and new age trends and fads under the umbrella of feng shui. One ancient form practiced by professional consultants is xuan kong or flying star feng shui, it is based on the principles of the classic Chinese book: Yi Jing (I Ching). Flying star feng shui is the most common form practiced throughout Asia and has been relatively unknown until the past few years in the United States; it is now growing rapidly in western communities.

Flying star feng shui includes all aspects of traditional feng shui, but emphasizes two principles, time and space. Time includes specific patterns of qi related to cycles of time. Space is the directional orientation of a structure and is traditionally determined with a lo pan, a Chinese feng shui compass. These two aspects separate flying star from all other styles of feng shui. Time and Space combine to create a dynamic qi field in a home or office. Tools used to evaluate or calculate this qi field are yin-yang, five elements and the eight trigrams; these principles represent universal cosmology and a language that reveals influences of qi in a home or office. These tools are similar to a catscan or MRI, they reveal invisible influences. The information obtained is used to reduce or harmonize unfavorable influences and optimize favorable influences.

The classic book Yi Jing or Book of Changes emphasizes a major universal principle, life consists of perpetual change and to obtain happiness and health, one must learn to harmonize with the changing nature of life. Flying star feng shui is centralized around the changing nature of life; this is the strength of this ancient art and metaphysical science.