Feng Shui Light and Lighting

Warm Lighting

Lighting transforms a space. A room can feel small and cramped or it can feel warm and cozy depending on how it is lit. There are many aspects to creating good lighting, but changing the light bulbs you use is one of the simplest things you can do.

Most people are aware that fluorescent light bulbs leave a cold, bare feeling in a room. They can even make us feel stressed when we aren't worried or strained otherwise. Incandescent bulbs and full-spectrum are better. But even better yet, are pink incandescent bulbs.

Sylvania and GE both make 60 watt and 3 way bulbs that emit an amazing glow. They are better than any other bulb to warm up a room. Basic white, incandescent bulbs and full-spectrum bulbs tend to create shadows and give a stark feel to a room. They cast a blue tone in the room that can detract from warm wall colors rather than accentuate them.

Pink bulbs, on the other hand, emit just as much light as standard bulbs and produce a warm, cozy feel. They are also easier to read by because you have less glare and starkness against the page. They are also easier on the eyes.

Many of my clients try these and end up exclusively using pink bulbs in their homes. One client needed to make a windowless, basement room an inspiring office. The first thing he did was to switch to pink light bulbs. It made a huge difference.

Many designers use these bulbs because the warm tones make peoples skin tones more attractive and alive looking. Restaurants and hospitals wanting to create a friendly, calming atmosphere put pink bulbs throughout thier buildings. Everyone looks better in this light. Plants, color on the walls, art, furniture, rugs, even the lamp the pink bulbs are in all look better with these transforming bulbs.

Don't let the pink package fool you. Many people see the package and think of them as party bulbs, not for everyday use. Essentially these bulbs are only tinted; they are not pink. Putting them in your home or office, no one would detect you have put a different color bulb in your space. They would only detect that your home your home feels inviting and comfortable. But in truth these are only bulbs you need in your home.

You can get them at home decoration and most grocery stores. They are not colored bulbs that come in green, blue, red, etc. What you want are soft pink and they come packaged like standard white bulbs.