Jerry Alan Johnson Article Collection

Jerry Alan Johnson Article Collection


A collection of 12 back issues that feature articles from Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson, Ph.D., D.T.C.M. (China)

Below is a brief description of his articles in each issue. And of course, you get each back issue which includes all the other articles. The preview picture shown does not necessarily reflect the actual issues in this bundle.

Winter 1998-99: "Are Chinese Medical Qigong Standards Too High for the West?"
The Chinese have a successful model of integrating Medical Qigong Therapy as part of their health care system, while we in the West continue to struggle to understand and implement this ancient healing tradition within our own clinical practices.

Autumn 1999: "Medical Qigong Therapy and Oncology"
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cysts, tumors, and cancer are considered multifaceted diseases, originating from imbalances in one or more of five main areas: environmental, chemical, biological, physical, and psychological.

Autumn 2000: "Metaphysical Dimensions of Medical Qigong Healing"
Western medicine is unfamiliar with the energetic realm, while the existence of energy and its multidimensional patterns is embraced and accepted by many other cultures and societies... especially in the practice of Medical Qigong Healing.

Winter 2004-2005: "Therapy for the Treatment of Breast Cysts and Tumors"
From a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective, the Conception Vessel and Thrusting Vessels exert an important influence on the breast. Western medicine maintains the cause of breast disorders are due to a hormonal imbalance, while Traditional Chinese Medicine explores the spiritual, emotional and mental conditions that support the energetic function of the body’s internal organ system.

Summer 2005: "Mao Shan Form School of Daoist Mysticism"
Daoism is divided into two main branches, Religious Daoism and Magical Daoism. Religious Daoism is known for its ceremonies, and Magical Daoism is known for its esoteric training in alchemical mysticism. Both Northern and Southern Daoism have aspects of both religious and magical training. By Professor Jerry Alan Johnson and Dr. Bernard Shannon.

Spring 2008: "Introduction to Daoist Mysticism"
The ancient Chinese believed that certain illnesses resulted from the victim being possessed or afflicted by evil spirits or demons and that the shamans’ magical skills of talismans, incantations and spiritual exorcism were required in order to dispel the illness.

Winter 2011: "Healing The Patient’s Emotional Trauma"
In the Medical Qigong clinic, in order to heal and release pathogenic emotions, patients will generally go through five-stages of emotional detoxifying. Through this unique process, the patients will feel, experience, and release, the emotional trauma that initiated the diseased state. This is a natural progression of energetic unwinding, commonly observed in the process of all Medical Qigong therapy and Qigong treatment prescriptions.

Winter 2013: "Energetic Embryology"
In Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, the study of the embryological development of the body’s inner fascia and internal organ tissues illuminates many of the ideas about energy, health, and disease contained within Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ancient Chinese doctors understood that the original energetic patterns created during prenatal tissue formation remain operative throughout adulthood. After birth, the tissues and internal organs of the developing child continue to interrelate according to the energetic patterning that began during conception.

Spring 2014: "Clinical Talismans Used To Enhance a Patient’s Healing"
The original energetic techniques that were traditionally passed down from master to disciple are not being preserved or incorporated into modern acupuncture colleges. This is because many of these esoteric energetic techniques were considered to be “superstitious” and were rejected because of their spiritual connotations.

Autumn 2015: "Healing the Emotional Components of Tumor Formations"
Within the Human Body, each cell and their unique energetic properties combine, in order to form tissues; and these tissues combine in order to form internal organs and organ systems. In Medical Qigong Therapy, these important energies are considered to be the subtle internal properties of the deeper Spiritual Reality (i.e., thoughts, beliefs, and feelings), that underlie and direct the Physical manifestations evident within the body’s tissues.

Spring 2017: "Everybody Wants Kungfu Fighting"
The discipline of Chinese kungfu training has a long, ancient history; which is full of meaningful rituals and martial arts protocols, sometimes lost today among modern kungfu practitioners. This is quite unfortunate, because nothing in Chinese martial arts ever exists without a specific reason, or a special application. However, if understood and sincerely applied, these important martial arts courtesies will often open many closed doors; and provide a way for the beginning student to receive deeper, more advanced training.

Spring 2021: "Using Medical Qigong Therapy and the Qi of Healing Herbs"
Herbal medicine is the historical precursor to modern pharmaceutical medicines. And even today, herbs still provide the source and inspiration for the majority of the pharmaceutical products used in modern Western Medicine. This includes those specific herbs still utilized for the treatment of viral and bacterial diseases, pain, tumor formations, chronic diseases, internal and external tissue regeneration, and many other infirmities.