Autumn 2022

Vol. 32, No. 3: Autumn 2022

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Features in the Autumn 2022 issue include "Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Palm Qigong" by Neil Ripski; "Tian Zhaolin and Yang Taiji" by LeRoy Clark; "Understanding Qigong from the Daodejing" by Master Waysun Liao; and "The Five Organs: Cosmic Dimensions of the Daoist Body" by Livia Kohn.

Departments include "Pulse Analysis in TCM—A Layman's Perspective" by Don M. Tow; "Jin as part of the Qi" by Mike Sigman; "Living in Harmony with the Earth Brings Good Fortune: Working with the Five Elements" by Maureen K. Calamia; and "5 Practical Health Benefits of Taiji" by Brian Anderson; and our usual news and tidbits.