Vol. 30, No. 4: Winter 2020-2021

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Features in the Winter 2020-2021 issue include:  "Understanding the Hips and the Waist (Final Parts)" by Sam Masich; "Winter and the Water Element" by Mindi K. Counts; "The Quest for Internal Energy" by John Bracy; and "Qigong is much more Than Life Energy or Universal Energy... And You are Much More than Who You Think You Are..." by Mark Johnson.

Departments include "Meditation Basics" by Corinne Chaves; "Laba Festival (Rice Porridge Festival)" by Steven Luo; "Building a Taijiquan Commnity in Chalenging Times" by Melinda Kashuba; and "Much Ado About Chi" by Terry Dunn; as well as our usual news and tidbits.