2003 Qi Journal bundle

2003 Qi Journal bundle

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Year 2003. Each issue is 64 pages plus cover. The Journal (aka Qi Journal), has been published since 1991. Qi Journal has "real"articles on the topic of Qi, written by those who are currently teaching and practicing the disciplines and who are willing to share their experiences for the advancement of others. All articles are peer-written, making this journal a wonderful adjunct to classical texts and study guides... sometimes contradictory... sometimes controversial... but always educational.

SPRING 2003. Features: "Reiki Healing Touch: An Ancient Art for Modern People"; "Energy Release Therapy"; "Meditation and the Nature of Being"; "A Qigong Tour: Discovering China's Sacred Mountains".

SUMMER 2003. Features: "Beyond Qigong: Martial Arts and the Transcendent Function"; "An Introduction to Qigong: Health, Wisdom and Longevity"

AUTUMN 2003. Features: "Exploring the Original Meaning of the Pure Yang Mudra: Seeking the Roots of Classical Qigong"; "Psychological Disturbances Due to: Erroneous Qigong"; "The Source of Qi and the Seat of Wisdom: Your Lungs".

WINTER 2003-2004. "Feeling the Rhythm of Qigong", "Calligraphy", "Wu (Shamanism): Dancing & Drumming; Kidneys: The Root of Life"; "Taiji: The Psychological Benefits", "A Psychologist Looks at Taiji"; "Yang Style Hook Hand"