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Page 2 - Desk Direction and Color

Color your outlook

Most people can´t choose what color their office is painted. This is unfortunate because wall can make a huge difference in your attitude. I discuss color a lot in my book Feng Shui: Back to Balance.

Light travels in waves, and each color represents light traveling at a different speed. Reds and oranges travel in short, fast waves. Blues and purples travel in long, slow waves. Shades of red and yellow seem warm to us; shades of blue and purple feel cool. Some colors make us feel grounded, some are uplifting, and some are depressing.

We have all been in office spaces that feel great and recharging. If you noticed the wall color, likely it was a warm and enlivening color, such as cream, light peach, or sand.

Typically, however, offices are painted white--and white tends to take on a cold, blue cast especially under fluorescent lighting. This can make you feel strained, harried, or rushed, rather than grounded, calm, and capable.

White is not a horrible wall color, but it´s not the greatest. White reflects light, thus any natural light coming into your room is sent right back out the window. By contrast, warm wall colors absorb light, and help people feel more centered and less stressed.

If you can´t use these tips to change the color of your office, use them to change the wall colors in your home. If you make your home feel supportive, you will feel refreshed and more ready for your work day.


Sally Fretwell is the author of Feng Shui: Back to Balance, An entertaining, lighthearted, commonsense approach. She is a design consultant residing in Charlottesville, VA. Website: Feng Shui

©2001 Qi Journal

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