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Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu

Advanced Sequences Part 2


8 Hours of In-Depth Kung Fu Instruction. This program teaches two more traditional Long Fist advanced sequences in detail, with in-depth instruction, training exercises, and martial applications. Originating from the Chaquan style, these sequences have a distinctly different flavor and flow from previous ones. Chaquan originates from the Cha family and was developed by Muslim immigrants in China. Chaquan eventually developed into one of the four most famous styles of Long Fist, which are Cha, Hua, Hong, and Pao. The practice of these two sequences will help students develop a clearer feeling for Chaquan and a more well-rounded knowledge of Long Fist overall. Taught and demonstrated by Nicholas Yang, each form is divided into four sections to help you learn gradually and proficiently. Si Lu Cha Quan () means Fourth Way of Chas Fist. It is one of the more well-known Chaquan sequences in Long Fist. When practiced with a proper sense of enemy, root, speed, and power, it is a very effective style for training higher level techniques in long range fighting. Si Lu Ben Za ( ) means Four Way of Running and Smashing. It is considered one of the most difficult and most advanced sequences created in Long Fist. Training this sequence patiently and diligently will lead a student to the highest level of Long Fist techniques. Shaolin Long Fist Advanced Sequences challenges you to push your limits physically and mentally. Students are encouraged to use the techniques and concepts learned from this DVD to derive and create techniques effective for sparring and real-life situations.  Suggested Retail Price: $ 69.95


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Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu  Nicholas C. Yang

$ 49.95

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