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Qi Gong Mindfulness in Motion with Lee Holden


Qi Gong Mindfulness in Motion DVD by Lee Holden. Quieting the mind can be challenging and elusive. It can be as tricky as catching wind in a net. In the practice of qi gong, quieting the mind is achieved in and through the body. Why? Because your body is always in the present moment, always right here. Pay attention to the body, and the mind enters the present moment. To be mindful is to be embodied. The mind can flutter from past to future, from this thought to that. To stabilize the mind, we must pay attention to the activities of the body. Through breath, energy, movement, and relaxation, we enter into a deep, rich experience of the present moment. This practice is based on qi gong, an ancient system of moving meditation. Qi gong mirrors the movements of nature. The river flowing down the mountain, the trees growing up toward the light in the sky, and the bird soaring gracefully overhead all give us guidance in how to direct our attention and internal energy. Qi means “life-force energy,” and gong means “skill” or “to work with.” This practice gives us tools and resources to work with the energy of the mind and body so we live with more presence, more passion, and more vitality. Learn Mindfulness in everyday life. To lead the qi with focused intention. To quiet the mind and relax deeply.  Suggested Retail Price: $ 29.95


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Qi Gong Mindfulness in Motion with Lee Holden  Lee Holden

$ 25.95

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