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Rehmannia Six Combination


Rehmannia Six Combination is one of the most important and commonly used Yin Essence (Jing) tonics. It builds Yin Jing. It is a superb tonic for maintenance and support of Yin Essence in older men and women. Rehmannia Six has a broad range of applications and is suitable in any situation where one needs to restore Yin Jing.

Steamed Rehmannia is the leading herb in this formula. It is a warm, moist, Kidney Yin and Blood tonic. Its heaviness helps constrain uncontrolled Yang. Rehmannia supports the lower back, supports the brain and bone marrow, and benefits hearing function. Rehmannia, Dioscorea and Poria can all support the healthy metabolic function. These three herbs also have a strengthening effect on the body and spirit. Rehmannia, Dioscorea and Cornus help to support hearing. In men, Rehmannia and Dioscorea support sexual function. This formula may provide prostate support in older men.

Rehmannia, Cornus and Moutan all support the Liver Yin as well as that of the Kidney. Rehmannia and Poria have a tonifying and calming effect on the Heart. Dioscorea and Poria strengthen the Spleen's digestive function, aiding healthy nutrient absorption.

This is the classical Rehmannia Six Combination used for centuries in Asia. What distinguishes Dragon Herbs Rehmannia Six Combination from other brands is the quality of the herbs used to produce it and the production technology.


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Rehmannia Six Combination  Dragon Herbs

$ 18.00

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