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Chi Kung For Health, Volume Three

Two Intermediate Moving Meditations


In this volume, Terry Dunn provides instruction in two intermediate standing meditations of the Flying Phoenix Qigong system: “Wind through the Treetops” and “Moonbeam Splashes On Water.” Both exercises impart sublime energizing effects. “Wind Through the Treetops” promotes tangible Qi circulation through natural arm movements with the torso held in three orthogonal planes: first, through the vertical with two patterns of inward circling; second, with the torso in a bent-forward horizontal position, arm movements synchronize with chi circulation in the manner of “Turning the Wheel” or "Circulation of the Light" (as Qi flows up the Governing Vessel and down the Conception Vessel); third, with the torso reclined backward to 45 degrees, the chi is mobilized by the slow outward circling of the arms that finally return to the anterior of the body at the level of the liver and kidneys. Then the Qi is returned to the middle and lower tan tien through simply elegant movements. "Moonbeam Splashes on Water" is a powerful and beautiful meditation form that musters the Flying Phoenix healing energy and circulates it through the entire body. Terry teaches this form in three sections. The first section trains waist flexibility and control and the alignment of upper and lower body joints in movement. The second section promotes chi circulation in through martial postures similar to Tai Chi's "Press," "Push," and "Fan Through the Back." This is followed by the third section, which circles the body vertical axis through a conical pattern with the root fixed as the apex. (60 min.)


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Chi Kung For Health, Volume Three  Terry Dunn

$ 39.95

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