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YI QUAN (Volumes I & II) Comprehensive


In Two Volumes, this series presents more than 30 Standing, Seated, Reclining, and Walking Meditation Methods. While Yi Quan has grown in notoriety in recent years since it was popularized by Wang Xiang Zhai, a student of Xingyi Teacher, Guo Yun Shen, Xingyi's connection, in some cases, has all but almost been completely left out of the equation. In this very comprehensive series, the meditative aspects of Yi Quan as well as the emission of explosive power (where applicable), and more importantly, how to apply Yi Quan in Push Hands (forms and freestyle) and in Grappling and Fighting are presented with specifics. Unique to this series is a detailed explanation of a rare Xingyi Yi Quan form known as, "Mutual Creation of the Five Tones," in which each of the Five Touches (finger pressure), Five Shapes (Healing Palms), Five Vibrations (circulation of energy), as well as Healing Sounds, are explained separately, in detail and in accordance with the Five Elements; and, at last brought together to present a simplistic, yet profound, and meditative form.


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YI QUAN (Volumes I & II) Comprehensive  

$ 85.00

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