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Chi Kung For Health, Volume One DVD

Five Basic Standing Exercises


VOLUME ONE teaches five basic standing meditations of the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Mediation system. Through these easy-to-do standing meditations, Terry Dunn teaches beginners the three cornerstones of qigong: Shape-form (Xing), Mind or Intent (Yi), and breath (Chi). Three basic quiet, stationary standing meditations focus qi development at three corresponding chakras or energy centers: “Monk Gazing At Moon”--the third eye, “Monk Holding Peach”--the heart, “Monk Holding Pearl” –the lower tan tien. They are followed by two dynamic moving meditations that concentrate and circulate qi flow through the entire body: “Bending the Bows” musters energy from the extremities and channels it through what in Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory are called the Conception Vessel (Jen Mo) and Governing Channel (Tu Mo); “Wind Above the Clouds” perfects physical balance and flexibility by strengthening the waist, opening the hips, regulating qi flow to the legs and arms by symmetrical bending and stretching movements. Each Flying Phoenix exercise consists of a safe and easy “breath-control sequence” performed once, followed by a classical Qigong posture that is either stationary or involves movement. Every practitioner of Flying Phoenix Qigong without fail experiences profound energizing and rejuvenating effects that are tangible, repeatable and verifable. (60 min.)


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Chi Kung For Health, Volume One DVD  

$ 24.95

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