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The Great Stabilizer aka Bupleurum and Dragon Bone

Superior Tonic Herb


Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination is one of the primary anti-stress formulations used in Chinese herbalism. It is a superb mood stabilizer. It is primarily listed as a Shen stabilizer and as a liver tonic. It is famous for its ability to help stabilize addictive/compulsive behavior and is widely used in the withdrawal from the addiction to smoking, drinking and to a large variety of addictive drugs by both lessening the cravings for the drug and by reducing the common withdrawal symptoms. As an anti-compulsive agent, this formulation can be used to control one's weight by helping to regulate the appetite. It is said to improve will power, strengthen the mind, reduce anxiety, frustration and anger. It is widely used in Japan for chronic heart palpations. It has a long tradition as a tonic which aids meditation. The classical formula contains Rhubarb, which is a laxative. In this version, Rhubarb has been replaced by another Shen stabilizing herb, Uncaria, eliminating the laxitive effect and strengthening the calming effect. Traditional functions - Regulating the Liver, calming to the nerves, stabilizing Shen, supporting healthy energy and eliminating wind and evil. 100 capsules. Dosage: 2 to 3 capsules 3 times per day to start, or approx. 2 per day as a maintenance dose.


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Indications: Traditional Functions - Regulating the Liver, calming to the nerves, stabilizing Shen, supporting healthy energy and eliminating wind and evil. Who can use this formula - Strong people who are feeling the effects of excessive stress, nervousness and tension. It is known as the "lawyer’s formula" in Japan.


Ingredients: Bupleurum, Uncaria, Dragon Bone, Scute, Oyster Shell, Cinnamon Twig, Poria Mushroom, Pinellia Prepared, Fresh Ginger, Codonopsis, Red Jujube Date

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The Great Stabilizer aka Bupleurum and Dragon Bone  Dragon Herbs

$ 18.00

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