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Tao in a Bottle


A new and unique formula designed by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden. It is designed to help handle stress. The main ingredient is an amino acid called Alphathean which is found only in green tea. Alphathean is an herbal ingredient that helps you to feel calm and alert at the same time, and it works quickly to release tension and worry. Tao in a Bottle also contains adaptogenic herbs. If you use Tao in a Bottle regularly, you will become more resistant to stress. Take 1 capsule, 2 times a day or as directed.


 In Stock


Indications: Primary Traditional Functions: A Shen-stabilizing adaptogenic Qi tonic. Shen stabilizing herbs help stabilize our emotions so that we can experience our higher self. Adaptogenic herbs increase our vitality while promoting our ability over time to handle stress. Qi tonic herbs increase our energy, help regulate our bodily functions, and regulate our immune system.


Ingredients: Astragalus, Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Gynostemma, Schizandra, Tibetan Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng

(Item #H111) Our Price: $ 29.00



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Tao in a Bottle  

$ 29.00

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