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Activated Ginseng


Asian Ginseng is an energy tonic that helps regulate the human energy system. Everyone in Asia knows that there is nothing better than fresh ginseng root for providing energy and long-term health benefits. Yet, virtually all ginseng products available in the world market are made from sun-dried or steamed ginseng roots. A recent technological breakthrough has taken ginseng to a new level. Dragon Herbs now has its naturally-grown high-mountain"house ginseng" freeze dried immediately upon harvesting. Unlike sun-drying or steaming, freeze drying preserves the freshness of freshly harvested ginseng, and preserves it in a way that prevents degradation of its vital constituents, such as ginsenosides and polysaccharides. SOD, an extremely important antioxidant utilized by the human body to neutralize free radicals are preserved by this process, whereas SOD is destroyed using other traditional methodologies. Because this ginseng is so much more biologically active in the body than common dried ginseng products, it is called "active" ginseng. The unique proprietary process releases ginseng's innate, awesome activity resulting in the finest dried ginseng product available anywhere. Active Ginseng™ is as close as you can get to eating a freshly picked ginseng root. The extraordinary rich aroma and flavor tell it all!


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Indications: Tonifies Qi, adaptogenic. Any adult seeking increased energy, alertness and adaptability.


Ingredients: Fresh Manchurian Ginseng (6 year old, naturally grown and processed roots).

Item #H109......$ 18.00



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Activated Ginseng  

$ 18.00

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