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Four Things Combination


Four Things Combination, sometimes called Dang Gui Four Combination, is the supreme blood tonic formulation of Chinese tonic herbalism. It is also an important Yin Jing tonic. It has been used for centuries as a nutritious, moistening blood tonic, which yields incredible results in restoring deficient blood and Yin. In addition, it is an important blood vitalizing agent which improves blood circulation in congested areas and dispels stagnant blood. It forms the foundations of a great many other formulations in Chinese herbalism. Four Things Combination is a famous woman's blood tonic. It is moisturizing and may be used regularly to restore the Yin and Blood, to slow down aging and to wrinkling and drying of the skin. 2 or 3 capsules, 2 or 3 times per day.


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Indications: Primary Traditional Functions: To tonify blood, promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation. Who Can Use This Formula: Men and women to help build blood, and women to help regulate the menstrual cycle.


Ingredients: Dang Gui Root, Ligusticum Root, Peony Root White, Rehmannia Root

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Four Things Combination  

$ 18.00

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