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Order# C482

Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Price Each: $29.95



Order# B185

Buddhist Symbols in Tibetan Culture


Price Each: $18.00



Order# B080

Xing Yi Nei Gong

This book is a culmination of nearly 100 years experience in the art of Xing Yi Quan by Master Wang Ji Wu (1891-1991)


Price Each: $89.95



Order# C316

Pulse Diagnosis


Price Each: $24.95



Order# M152

Stainless Steel Hot Pot: 10"


Price Each: $29.95



Order# C538

Awaken Your Body, Balance Your Mind


Price Each: $18.95



Order# B773

Survey of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Price Each: $30.00



Order# B545

An Introduction to Zen Buddhism


Price Each: $10.00



Order# B365



Price Each: $9.95



Order# M194

Chinese Lions


Price Each: $14.95



Order# B370

Elements of Zen


Price Each: $9.95



Order# M102

Longquan Broadsword

Longquan (Dragon Well) Broadsword. Traditional shape (wide blade) used in Chinese martial arts. Spring steel is medium weight & gives some flexibility. Painted scabbard and vinyl carrying bag.


Price Each: $159.99

Note: add'l shipping charge is applied



Order# B913

Cross-sectional Anatomy of Acupoints


Price Each: $189.95



Order# C111



Price Each: $18.95



Order# C068

Taoist Wisdom


Price Each: $34.95



Order# C711

Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: Vol. 5


Price Each: $65.00

Note: add'l shipping charge is applied



Order# B624

Aids and Its Treatment by Traditional Chinese Medicine


Price Each: $25.95



Order# M270

20" Acupuncture Model


Price Each: $39.95

Note: add'l shipping charge is applied



Order# C697

The Art of War Book and Card Deck

A paperback edition of The Art of War featuring a full translation of Sun Tzu's text and in-depth essays on the key ideas that have made it a perennial classic.


Price Each: $19.95



Order# C485

Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine


Price Each: $41.95



Order# B115

The Essence of Taiji Qigong

The movements of Tai Chi Chi Kung may look simple, but the theory behind them is deep. Circulate the Chi smoothly throughout your body and lead it to nourish your brain and raise your spirit of vitality.


Price Each: $32.95



Order# C226

Controlling Diabetes Naturally with Chinese Medicine


Price Each: $14.95


Subtotal of products: $931.14 


Estimated Domestic US Shipping & Handling: $33.00 


Total: $964.14 



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