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Order# C459

Acupuncture for Everyone


Price Each: $12.95



Order# C749

Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms


Price Each: $19.95



Order# C098

The Essential Chuang Tzu


Price Each: $49.00



Order# C649

Modern Chinese Beginner's Course, Reading Comprehension

5.5" x 8", 287 pages, paperback.


Price Each: $8.95



Order# C362

A Cultural Tour Across China

With materials collected from over one hundred towns and villages in 14 provinces throughout China, unscrolls vivid pictures of Chinese folk customs.


Price Each: $19.95



Order# M101

Longquan Taiji Sword

Longquan (Dragon Well), taiji swords from China. Spring steel of medium weight provides maximum flexibility, but the weight of a real weapon. Wooden scabbard and vinyl carrying bag.


Price Each: $155.00

Note: add'l shipping charge is applied



Order# C493

Anticancer Medicinal Herbs


Price Each: $59.95



Order# C240


This routine links together 36 effective and practical techniques, seamlessly from one application to the next; making it easy to learn take down techniques with or without a partner.


Price Each: $18.00



Order# C118

Taoist Health Exercise Book


Price Each: $29.95



Order# V389


Xiaoyaoquan is a free fighting routine designed by Shou-Yu Liang based on over fifty years of his martial arts training. It is designed for everyone interested in the practical free sparring applications of martial arts movements.


Price Each: $29.96



Order# B750

Qi Gong for Life

Definition of Qi, the art and science, using Qigong to enhance all aspects of life, reaching the outer limits of human potential, choosing the best style for you, the three principles of self-practice, and case histories.


Price Each: $29.00



Order# S030

Rise and Shine


Price Each: $10.00



Order# B674

Jeet Kune Do: Vol. 3

This landmark book serves as a complete presentation of Bruce Lee's art of jeet kune do. The development of his unique martial art form, its principles, core techniques, and lesson plans are presented here in Lee's own words.


Price Each: $14.36



Order# C061

Practical Reiki


Price Each: $17.95



Order# V391


Yiguabian literally translates as one whip. It implies the motion of a whip snapping out. It consists of two sections, taking about 20 seconds to complete each section.


Price Each: $29.96



Order# C514

Tales of Immortals


Price Each: $12.95



Order# B200

Qi Gong For Health & Longevity

Insights into the balance of Qi, the life force, the connection between mind & body, and the relationship between ourselves and nature.


Price Each: $24.98



Order# B785

Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion


Price Each: $54.00


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Estimated Domestic US Shipping & Handling: $20.90 


Total: $617.76 



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