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Page 5 - Six Healing Sounds

The Six Sounds

Major historical sources for the Six Healing Sounds are Tao Hongjing (456-536), Zhiyi (538-597), and Sun Simiao (581-682). Also in modern times, Ma Litang (1930-1988). This article is based on the sound-to-organ assignments, and pronunciations given in the book and DVD, Liu Zi Jue: Chinese Health Qigong (2007). Since the Chinese government oversaw its publication, it may be considered as being the modern standard. This order is also used in such important texts as Qigong Empowerment by Master Shou-Yu Liang & Wen-Ching Wu, and The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing, by Daniel Reid, as well as in many other sources. However, If the reader have been instructed in using a different order then it is proper to follow the teacher and do that order.

The extensive historical literature about the Six Sounds generally offer the same Chinese characters in the same standard order. Here they are in a sort of pinyin without accent marks, along with possible literal meanings: Xu (hush). A (oh!). Hu (breathe out). Xi (ha-ha) [laughter]. Chui (blow). Xi (giggle). However the Six Healing Sounds are said without any tonal inflections, so any specific meaning is at best only intimated, only hinted at. The important thing here is the sound, not the meaning.

This site is highly recommended for more information: http://baharna.com/chant/six_healing.htm


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