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Autumn 2017




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What's in the Current Autumn 2017 Issue?


The 24 Seasonal Nodes - Autumn

By Dr. Henry McCann: From the earliest of times in China both philosopher and physician have recognized the close relationship between humans and nature. The course of the day, the changing seasons of the year, climatic variations, daily weather patterns - these all impact our health and wellbeing in very real ways. In this first installment on the topic of the Seasonal Nodes we will explore the six associated with Autumn - Beginning of Autumn, End of Heat, White Dew, Autumn Equinox, Cold Dew, and Hoarfrost Descends.


Translating The Xi Sui Jing (part 3)

By Kevin Siddons and Hongyan Chen: This is the 3rd and final of several articles about our authors' effort to translate Xi Sui Jing (Essence Cleansing Scripture) to English. Historically, copies of the Xi Sui Jing are thought to have been lost, but they found a copy of it contained within another document they were translating. It is a significant contribution to the growing practice of Qigong and other internal disciplines.


Yao Jizu (1917-1998)

By (Sunny) Zhijun Xu, Ph.D., with LeRoy Clark: Wu Yuxiang taijiquan practitioners were scholars, very humble, but extremely diligent and dedicated to the practice. Yao Jizu, continued these traits and became the fourth generation representative of Wu Family Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan) and one of the thirteen taijiquan grandmasters throughout China. Yao Jizu was an unassuming and very humble taijiquan master with super skills.


Guidance and Instruction on Internal Cultivation by Lu Dongbin

By Jill Gonet, MFA: In Master Lu Dongbin's (a scholar and poet born in 796, ultimately attaining the status of a Daoist immortal) cultivation poetry, the immortal teacher's eyes are shining with great inner light. The Jing, or vital essence, has become sublimely radiant, united with, and transformed into Shen - mind, spirit. The Master's profound subject is the formation of the Elixir Qi, and he is even willing to discuss many of the particulars.



Departments include "The Ten Essentials of Taijiquan" by Yang Chengfu, compiled by John Voigt, "Chinese Language and Pinyin" by Steven Luo, "Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine in Non-Technical Terms" by Lawrence Howard, LAc, MSAc., "Acupuncture in America" by Steven Luo, and of course our usual news and cultural tidbits. We hope you enjoy this, our 107th consecutive issue.


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