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Autumn 2015




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Welcome to Qi Journal




What's in the Current (Autumn 2015) Issue?


Jing Martial Power

By Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming: Many martial artists nowadays do not understand what jing is or think that it is trained in only a few particular styles. Some even brag that the style they have learned is the only style that has jing training. In fact, almost all Oriental martial styles train jing. The differences lie in the depth to which jing is understood, in the different kinds of jing trained, and in the range and characteristics of the emphasized jing.


Happy Fun Qigong

By John Voigt: The goal of my qigong teachings is to have people experience and enjoy the benefits of qi-energy. Depending on the group's potential for playfulness, I usually interject various Happy Fun Qigong™ gymnastics and visualizations to liven up thesessions. In this qigong you talk and listen to your smiley heart, laugh into your organs, shake twitch wiggle and jump, then flick and kick off the schumtz.


Healing the Emotional Components of Tumor Formations

By Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson, Ph.D., D.T.C.M. (China): Within the Human Body, each cell and their unique energetic properties combine, in order to form tissues; and these tissues combine in order to form internal organs and organ systems. In Medical Qigong Therapy, these important energies are considered to be the subtle internal properties of the deeper Spiritual Reality (i.e., thoughts, beliefs and feelings), that underlie and direct the Physical manifestations evident within the body's tissues.


A Survey of Qigong Students

By Judith Wortman: An Internet search was performed to find teachers of qigong who might be willing to ask their students to respond to a survey. Students were also identified by researchers and attendees at workshops and conferences and through an advertisement in a National Institutes of Health publication. This article is a summary of the responses to the survey in the order of the questions presented to the students.



Departments include "How Slow Can You Go?" by Ralph Johnson; Purify the Heart: A Christian-Monastic and Daoist Interpretation" by Brother Bernard Seif; "Getting a Yes from New Patients" by Matthew Enright; and the "Taijiquan Treatise" attributed to Wang Zongyue as well as our typical news and cultural tidbits. Hope you enjoy this, our 99th issue.


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