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What's in the Current (Spring 2015) Issue?


"Up & Down Hands": The Alpha & Omega of Taijiquan Practice

By Gerald A Sharp: Many Taijiquan styles begin the movements of their form with an "Up and Down Hands" movement. In some styles this practice is called the "Preparation" or "Beginning Form." While some practitioners simply raise their hands up and down, knowledge of the flow of energy, the ease of breath, and the precision of movement, can make the journey of practicing a form more enjoyable and eventful.


Tung Lineage Classical Acupuncture

By Dr. Henry McCann: Throughout the history of Chinese medicine there have been several currents of Chinese medical practice. Some were well seated in the Confucian scholar tradition associated with the transmission of canonical writings such as the Huang Di Nei Jing. Alongside and concurrent to these traditions, China also had family lineages that were more or less kept as trade secrets among small groups of people.


Restoring Hope: Tools for Cancer Prevention

By Christina J. Barea-Young & Peyton Young: We are an educated society, with plenty of information regarding oncology causes and subsequent treatments available via our physicians, our natural medicine practitioners and, of course, the internet. The range of emotional response to this disease ranges from "doom and gloom" to mild optimism about becoming a survivor. However, there is a way to begin to view this disease in a positive light and we'd like to present you with some information to restore cancer's nemesis—Hope.


Purify the Heart: An Interpretation

Dr. Bernard Shannon, DTCM, DMQ (China): Not having been raised in and surrounded by Daoist influences all their lives, foreign students may find a freedom to explore and appreciate Daoist cultural influences that may be taken for granted by native Chinese. Purify the Heart is the first of the Big Eight Incantations. It is the groundwork upon which subsequent morning and evening Prayers are built. It purifies and transforms the mind, emotions, spirit, and body while purging turbid thoughts and emotions.



Departments include Rob Talbot's thought provoking questions about the "Use of Eyes and Intent in Taiji Quan", and Lawrence Howard explores the non-channel systems used in TCM and acupuncture in his article, "Managing Microsystems and Imaging Images". Adrian Chan-Wyles describes in detail the "Qianfeng Daoist Meditation Hand Positions" in his article by the same title. And of course, News and events from around the world as well as our usual (and unusual) cultural tidbits.


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