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Welcome to Qi Journal




What's in the Current Summer 2016 Issue?


The Qi of Life

By Denise Thunderhawk, L.Ac: What exactly is Qi? There have been many interpretations over the millennia. Qi (Chi), for the most part, can be defined as a force or vital substance that animates and controls the observable functions of life. We make Qi by combining food (Grain Qi/Gu Qi) and air (Clear Qi/Qing Qi). Our ability to make True Qi (Zheng Qi ) will depend partly on our physical constitution, partly on our lifestyle (diet/emotions). To support and increase our Qi, we need to eat the proper foods.


Cultivating the Correct Internal State in T’ai-Chi Movement

By Robert Chuckrow, PH.D.: T’ai-Chi (Taiji) teachers almost universally tell students to relax (sung). The main reason for attaining is to learn to recognize and weed out the use of contractive strength (li) so when students are ready, they will be able to learn to generate and then use expansive strength (jin). This way of teaching is in accordance with the Taoist (Daoist) view, expressed by the saying, “An empty cup holds the most.” Unfortunately, the distinction between li and jin is very difficult for teachers to explain and for students to recognize.


The Benefits of Qigong

By Dr. Janice Doppler: This article presents the results of a qualitative research study about the benefits of qigong experienced by students at the International Center for Harmony and Living Arts founded by Master Lijun Cheng in 1999. The backbone of her qigong instruction, a forty-five-minute sitting qigong called Happy Heart Qigong (Le Xin Gong), was supplemented by multiple types of moving qigong.


Zhan Zhuang: The Hidden Essential of T’ai Chi Training

By Mark Cohen: Whether we practice T’ai Chi (Taijiquan) for health or martial arts, the inclusion of Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation) at the beginning of our daily training session becomes essential if we are to gain many of the greatest benefits spoken of in the T’ai Chi Classics and historical anecdotes.


Qianfeng Daoism and the Buddhist Connection

By Adrian Chan-wyles, Ph.D.: It was during the Han Dynasty that the two major strands of Daoism emerged—the Dao Jia, or ‘Dao Family’—and the Dao Jiao, or ‘Dao Religion’. The Dao Jia lineage focuses upon the philosophy found within the ancient books entitled the Dao De Jing, and the Zhuangzi. The Dao Jia practice seeks to unite the mind with the Dao in all situations, through the exclusive use of meditational development of the mind, and is not interested in the pursuit of immortality.



Departments include "The Qigong of Unconditional Love" by Liz Ely; "The Taiji Jing" by Zhang Sanfeng (complied by John Voigt); Qi Xi: the Double Seventh Festival, as well as our typical news and cultural tidbits.


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