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Item #J244

Vol. 24, No. 4: Winter 2014-2015


Features: Zhan Zhuang Breathing Methods; A Roadmap for the Beginning Taiji Student; Classical Taiji Sword; Hui Yuan & The Transformation of Buddhism in China (part 2).

Item #J251

Vol. 25, No. 1: Spring 2015


Features: Up and Down Hands, the Alpha & Omega of Taijiquan Practice; Tung Lineage Classical Acupuncture; Restoring Hope: Tools for Cancer Prevention, Purify the Heart: An Interpretation.

Item #J252

Vol. 25, No. 2: Summer 2015


Features: The Chan Drawings of Henry David Thoreau; The Significance of Discomfort in Zhan Zhuang Training; Master Xu Yun and His Relationship with Daoism, The Eyes of T'ai Chi.

Item #J253

Vol. 25, No. 3: Autumn 2015


Features: Jing Martial Power; Happy Fun Qigong; Medical Qigong Therapy: Healing the Emotional Components of Tumor Formations; Qigong Practice in the United States: A Survey of Qigong Students.

Item #J254

Vol. 25, No. 4: Winter 2015-2016


Features: The Importance of Chinese Tonic Herbs (part 1); Garden Beyond Gardens: Nature's Beacons of Healing; Wang Shangzhi's Yin Style Baguazhang: Circle Walking; Daoist Medtiation Stills and Calms the Mind.

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