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Welcome to Qi Journal



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Item #J094

Vol. 9, No. 4: Winter 1999-2000


Features: Qigong Counterparts from the Mother Culture by Damari Jarboux, RN; Embodying Tai Chi Chuan: The Universe in Miniature by Wasentha Young; Korea and the Historical Foundations of Ki by Scott Shaw, Ph.D.; Mastering the Flow: Applying the Three Treasures to Personal Finance by Juan W. Rivera; Self-Massage: Dao Yin for Longevity by Bob Flaws.

Item #J101

Vol. 10, No. 1: Spring 2000


Features: Taoists in China: Mortal and Immortal by Michael Winn; Qigong for Mind & Body Development by Michael Tse; Medical Qigong Therpy & Surgery by Jerry Alan Johnson, PhD.; The Six Movement Sun Style Tai Chi by Dr. Paul Lam.

Item #J102

Vol. 10, No. 2: Summer 2000


Features: Acupuncture: Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium by Rebecca A. Wilkowski; Is Qigong Political? A New Look at Falun Gong by Kenneth Cohen, MA; Taijiquan: The Flowering Spiral by Charles Wong and Alan Sims; The Art and Skill of the Heart by Sean Fannin.

Item #J103

Vol. 10, No. 3: Autumn 2000


Features: Baguazhang: Where is the Value in Your Practice? by Francis Hriadil and Bok-Nam Park; Shining Light on a Taiji/Self-Defense Dilemma by Michael Fuchs; The Opening 36 Movements: Wild Goose Qigong by Dr. Paul Li; Metaphysical Dimensions of Medical Qigong Healing by Jerry Alan Johnson, Ph.D.

Item #J104

Vol. 10, No. 4: Winter 2000-2001


Features: Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice by Tracey Zhu, M.D.; Bagua: Another Tool in the Pouch by Reuben I. Olson; Movements 37 through 64: Wild Goose Qigong by Dr. Paul Li.

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