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Welcome to Qi Journal

Advertising in Qi Journal


Professional Listing

Printed Journal: Nothing beats the printed journal for getting results. Our journal is in waiting rooms, schools, libraries, and on home coffee tables, just waiting for someone to thumb through and find your listing. And our printed professional listings are only $38 per year (4 issues) for 35 words or less. Additional words are $1.00 each. Listings appear near the back of the magazine in a contiguous 3 to 5 page section and are organized alphabetically by state or country for easy reference.


Website: Qi Journal website (this website) does not accept paid advertising.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Printed Journal: If you have a product, school, or seminar that demands national exposure to optimize results, then our display advertising is the best option. We offer a narrowly targeted audience with high visibility in schools, libraries, and clinics. Quality paperstock and computer-to-plate technology assures the highest reproduction quality for photos and color. Full color or black & white ads from full-page to 1/6 page sizes. Display ads run beside or with our articles to maximize your exposure. And we have the best prices in the market, with a range from $200 for a 1/6 page black and white ad to a full page color for less than $1,000. Frequency discounts available.


The measure of success in advertising is "results". It is easy to convince a company to try us once, but we have many long-time advertisers who stay with us for years...in fact, some companies have advertised with us for over 10 years!


For Display Advertising, call 1-800-787-2600 or email: lily@qi-journal.com



Website and Printed Journal: Calendar listings are FREE. To submit a listing, please follow the instructions at This Form. The printed journal's calendar is automatically gathered from the website just prior to each publication date. Long listings will be edited to fit.

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