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Winter 2017-2018




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What's in the Current Winter 2017-2018 Issue?


The 24 Seasonal Nodes - Winter

By Dr. Henry McCann: From the earliest of times in China both philosopher and physician have recognized the close relationship between humans and nature. The course of the day, the changing seasons of the year, climatic variations, daily weather patterns - these all impact our health and wellbeing in very real ways. In this second installment on the topic of the Seasonal Nodes we will explore the six associated with Winter - Beginning of Winter, Minor Snow, Major Snow, Winter Solstice, Minor Cold, and Major Cold.


Professor Cheng Man-Ching's Design of the Yang Style Short Form

By Wasentha Young: There are many different styles of T'ai-chi ch'uan (taijiquan). To name a few there is the Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun styles. These are family names and respectively developed their own perspective and way of performing the movements while at the same time adhering to the basic principles in mind/body mechanics. This article will focus on the fascinating construct of Professor Cheng Man-ching's Yang Style short form.


Li Yiyu 1832-1892 (Nephew of Wu Yuxiang)

By (Sunny) Zhijun Xu, Ph.D., with LeRoy Clark: Li Yiyu was the nephew of Wu Yuxiang by Yuxiang's sister. He was the second, creative, genius level generation of Wu Family Taijiquan. He turned his extensive and highly detailed notes into essays describing the practice. His essays include "Five Character Secret", "Sparring Releasing Secret Formula", "Essentials of the Practice of the Form and Push-Hands", "Thirteen Posture Song", "On Open and Close, Substantial and Insubstantial", etc. He played a decisively critical role in the formation of Wu Family Taijiquan theory and was known to be a man of keen intellect and high virtue.


Point Tapping Therapy

By Professor Jerry Alan Johnson: Point Tapping can be practiced from either a sitting or standing posture. All that is required is for the individual to lightly tap or massage their skin, while visualizing that they are emitting energy into the various channels, points, and tissue areas. This special point tapping method begins at the tips of the fingers, and progressively flows through the various limbs and torso, until the practitioner reaches the bottom of the feet.



Departments include "Qigong and the Cosmology of the Five Spirits" by Daniel Cashman, EAMP, "2018: The Year of the Dog", "The Concept of Power in Chinese Martial Arts" by Jonathan Bluestein, and of course our usual news and cultural tidbits. We hope you enjoy this, our 108th consecutive issue.


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