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Summer 2018




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Welcome to Qi Journal




What's in the Current Summer 2018 Issue?


The 24 Seasonal Nodes - Summer

By Dr. Henry McCann: In the Huang Di Nei Jing, perhaps the most important text on Chinese medicine originally written in the Han Dynasty (206BCE-220CE), there is a famous 8 character statement that says "Spring gives birth, Summer grows, Autumn harvests and Winter stores." Summer represents this pinnacle of outward expansion that is symbolized by the Fire phase (i.e., element), and thus in this sentence is called "growth." The Neijing also says "in Spring and Summer nourish Yang, and in Autumn and Winter nourish Yin." During Summer we stay healthy by trying to mimic this Fire/Yang movement of nature, but we need to be cautious to do so just right. Both too little and too much divert us from health.


T'ai Chi and Spirituality

By Bruce Frantzis: T'ai chi contains within it much of the East's philosophy and wisdom that is immensely practical and useful for our daily lives. This includes the wisdom it applies toward health and relaxation; to chi (qi) energy in the human body and mind; and to strategies for dealing effectively with the practical matters of business, conflict, and human relationships. However, except in a few legends, t'ai chi does not claim to be divinely-inspired. It is the wisdom of men and women seeking to make this earthly life work well. Yet, the line between wisdom and spirituality can also be blurred, as wisdom is often gained through various spiritual practices. For all these reasons, the philosophy underlying t'ai chi is often taken to be spiritual.


Song Su Ming meets Yang Shaohao: Qi Boxer

By Key Sun, PhD, with LeRoy Clark: "The two men, once outside in the courtyard, turned and faced one another. They approached to within touching distance and just stood facing one another. Then after a few moments just standing there, each man extended his hand toward the other. Their arms and hands touched and then went perfectly still. They just stood there in silence. When Song just barely, almost imperceptibly touched Shaohao, he later reported feeling nothing but emptiness."



Departments include "Spiritual Anatomy Of Qigong: Principles In Practice" by Stephanie D. Harper; "Barbara Bush-A Dedicated Tai Chi Student" by Janice Doppler; "The Importance of the Shen in Cosmetic Acupuncture" by Kim Peirano, MSOM, L.Ac.; and "Dan Tian Gong in the Internal Martial Arts" by Jonathan Bluestein. A few more tidbits in "Pin="Spell" Yin="Sound": A Short Course" by Steven Luo, and of course news from around the world on the topic of Qi. We hope you enjoy this, our 110th consecutive issue.


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