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June 12-17, 2017

Dr Paul Lam's Annual Tai Chi Conference. Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC. 14 courses offered Anyone from beginners to experienced tai chi teachers will benefit. Learn or enhance your tai chi in an interactive, positive setting.


Contact: Becky Rahe, 6150 White Oak Dr, Toledo, OH 43615, (419) 266-0773  Web:   Email:

June 13 - Aug 1, 2017

Deepening Qigong Wisdom. Progress from Beginning the Qigong Lifestyle into advanced qigong exercises and preventive medical qigong self-care practices, including clinical treatment technique foundations, to enhance the health of your vital functions, develop physical endurance, expand your consciousness and deepen in your balance and self-empowerment. Purchase of a pendulum to assist with clinical self-assessment is necessary. Students must first complete of Beginning the Qigong Lifestyle prior to studying in this course.


Contact: Debra Lin Allen, Founder/Director, Chi Wellness, LLC, 4155 East Jewell Av., Suite 105, Denver, CO 80222  Web:   Email:

June 19, 2017

M3 Treatment of Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy. This course is designed to further the students understanding of to the study of the treatment of various types of cancers and tumor formations.Students will have an exposure to specialized clinical treatments of cancer and the management of the patient's emotional, mental and spiritual states surrounding the disease.


Contact: International College of Medical Qigong (800) 848-0649  Web:  

June 23-30, 2017

EASTOVER MEDICAL QIGONG AND ORIENTAL MEDICINE SYMPOSIUM 2017 - Join internationally reknowned leaders in Eastern philosophy and practice together at Eastover for Medical Qigong and Oriental Medicine Symposium. We will dive deep into the wisdom of the ancient healing traditions of the Orient and discuss practical modern applications of powerful practices like Qigong and Taichi. The Symposium welcomes both beginners, as well as deepened practitioners.


Contact: Eastover Estate & Retreat, 430 East St., Lenox, Ma 01240, (866) 264-5139, Lisa Squires  Web:  

June 24, 2017

M4 Medical Qigong Treatment for Spiritual Disorders. This course is designed to introduce students to Chinese spiritual dimensions and clinical interactions with the spirit world. Students will have an exposure to specialized clinical treatments of spirit and demon oppression and possession.


Contact: International College of Medical Qigong (800) 848-0649   Web:   

June 25, 2017

Comfortable Acupuncture Seminars with Dr. Shaobai Wang. Tangzhen Style Acupuncture is also known as Comfortable Acupuncture. It is based upon the concept of holism and meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It emphasizes on shallow insertion and gentle manipulation to minimize needling sensation by focusing on syndrome differentiation and individualizing treatment principle according to locality and culture. Tangzhen Style Acupuncture pays more attention on pathology of internal organs as well as that of the meridians. When forming a point prescription, it emphasizes on point specificity, points for treating the Shen and Ashi points. Points treating the internal organs are given higher priority followed by points for meridian disorders. It can also be combined with classical needling techniques, such as, forward/inverse, open/close, breathing, slow/swift.


Contact:   Web:  

June 27 - July 1, 2017

Jesse Tsao Tai Chi Healthways Summer Camp at Rancho Bernardo Swim & Tennis Club, 16955 Bernardo Oaks Dr., San Diego, CA 92128. So many tai chi and Qigong practitioners are lost in the puzzle of how to progress their studies. We are here to provide you answers from the beginner to advanced level. Tai chi and Qigong require time and effort to gain insightful understanding of each posture and each move.


Contact:   Web:   Email:

July 3-7, 2017

Immortal Seasonal QiGong: Certification & Retreat Program with Dr. Ted Cibik. Series of 4 Five Day Qigong Classes that honor and teach about the energy of the seasons, from a Taoist Qigong perspective. Certificate of completion for 120 hours of Qigong training and as an Immortal Seasonal Qigong Practitioner upon successful completion of all four sessions. Program includes: Shen - Gong for the 4 cycles, Herbs for the Seasons for Clearing and conditioning, Biorhythms of the seasons and it's affect on the mind and body, Taoist Mudras for the Seasons and much more.


Contact: Inner Strength (724) 845-1041 

July 8-16, 2017

Herbal Excursion to Ireland, the Emerald Isle. Experience the magick, myth & mystery. Delve into ancient Herbal Remedies, Qi Gong, Essential oils, Homeopathy and Flower Essences. Visit gardens, cliffs, castles & pubs.


Contact: Nurse NaturalPath, c/o Cynthia Graham, 6203 Cotton Field Lane, Katy, TX 77449  Web:   Email:

July 7-14, 2017

YMAA seminar: Qigong-1 (Theory/Foundation and Embryonic Breathing) Introductory Qigong with lecture on how to conserve and build Qi, as well as finding focus of the mind.


Contact:   Web:  

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