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October 17-19, 2014

Introduction to Medical Qigong. This beginning weekend of our Medical Qigong Therapist certification program introduces you to the wonders of Qigong for healing yourself and others. Open to the public. You will learn to feel, build and guide your Qi through Lying Down Dantian Breathing, Standing Post Qigong, Qi Permeating Method, Swimming Dragon Qigong, Bagua Inner Palms, Eight Silk Brocades, Inner Nourishing Qigong, Deep Relaxation Qigong, and more. Classes are in Austin, TX.


Contact: Jampa Stewart MSOM, Healing Tao Institute, Tel: (512) 291-8363.  Web:   Email:

October 18-27, 2014

Intensive classroom training with certification in eastern Qi healing and visiting in Beijing, China. Become a more effective and confident certified QI healer through lectures and hands on practice at the Beijing Massage Hospital and the China Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Includes the Eastern Healing Arts correspondence course as a home study prerequisite. Lecture and practice in Beijing, all transportation and accommodations, and 4 days visiting local attractions in and around Beijing. Option to receive consultation and/or treatment for your specific needs.


Contact: Tian Enterprises, Inc. (800) 825-9018  Web:  

October 25 - November 3, 2014

Health Trip to Beijing, China. Learn Chinese Medicine and sightseeing in Beijing.


Contact:   Web:   Email:

November 4, 2014

Live Online Workshop- Qigong for Skin Health: Certified Qigong Master through YMAA, Lisa B. OShea, offers online live interactive 60 min. class. To help improve skin health we will learn specific Qigong exercises for the Lung and Liver and a powerful meditation for flushing out the skin. Nutrition for healthy skin will also be presented. 1-2 pm.


Contact: Lisa B. OShea, Qi Gong Institute of Rochester, 595 Blossom Rd. Suite 307, Rochester, NY 14610. Toll Free: (877) 346-4017  Web:   Email:

November 7-9, 2014

Guang Ping Yang T'ai Chi Association 2014 Conference. Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside. 4875 N. Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA 92106. A weekend of workshops focusing on Form and Function of GPYTC and other internal arts.


Contact: Grace Cheng, 742 L Street, Davis, CA 95616. or Call Larry Riddle @ (715) 845-8767  Web:   Email:

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