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Autumn 2014.
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November 21-23

3 Day (4 Workshops) Intensive Secrets of Universal Healing (empty force) Chi Kung. Covered will be Absorbing, Building, Emitting, & Healing with Chi. Includes sensing, interpreting, balancing, & healing specific injuries & illness with Chi. Certification is awarded upon completion of workshops 1-3. Excellent Results Guaranteed.


Contact: Richard Clear 113 E Broadway Maryville, TN 37804 (865)379-9997  Web:   Email:

December 7, 2014

The Eight Extraordinary Channels.


Contact:   Web:   Email:

December 12-14, 2014

Awaken Healing Light of the Tao & Taoist Secrets of Love and Sex. This is the basics class for the Universal Healing Tao system of Mantak Chia. You will feel, guide and refine your life force Qi energy. Includes Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, 6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile Meditation, Qi Self-Massage, Taoist Sexual Practices for men and women's health, bedroom harmony and sacred transformation. Class is in Austin, TX.


Contact: Jampa Stewart MSOM, Healing Tao Institute, Tel: (512) 291-8363.  Web:   Email:

January 3-4, 2015

Advanced Silk Reeling Workshop with Sifu Dan Jones. This is a rare opportunity to train with a master teacher. Silk Reeling exercises are foundation forms conveying the essence of the internal component of Tai Chi. They train the body to move as one unit lead by the dan tien. Additional principles, including developing fa jing and three plane movement, will be discussed. The workshop prerequisites are at least one year of Tai Chi training and experience with Silk Reeling Level 1&2. Those who missed the Level 1&2 workshop, may substitute diligent work with the DVDs. These are available from Sifu Dan Jones at


Contact: Stephanie Taylor MD, 26365 Carmel Rancho Blvd. Ste F, Carmel, CA 93923 Phone (831) 622-1994, Fax 831-622-1999.  Email:

January 13, 2015

Live Online Workshop- Qigong for Autoimmune Issues: Certified Qigong Master through YMAA, Lisa B. OShea, offers online live interactive 60 min. class. Autoimmune issues relate to a complex interaction between the liver and spleen energies as well as internal stress. We will discuss the nature of how stress affects our immune system and learn specific Qigong exercises for balancing it. 1-2 pm.


Contact: Lisa B. OShea, Qi Gong Institute of Rochester, 595 Blossom Rd. Suite 307, Rochester, NY 14610. Toll Free: 877-346-4017  Web:   Email:

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