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March 6-13, 2016

Daoist Feng Shui is an ancient art which provides guidance for living harmoniously with nature. Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) will teach practical and mystical solutions that are easy to understand and self-empowering.


Contact: Kristina (970) 586-4094  Web:   Email:

March 5, 2016

Many Rivers, One Source: The Healing Wisdom of China and Mexico with Qigong Master Ken Cohen and Curandera Grace Sesma Join this husband and wife team as they offer an inspiring look at both Daoist and MesoAmerican understanding of health and spirituality, including energy healing. Although each tradition is distinct, there are so many points of similarity that they point to a common origin in the sacred landscape of the human soul.


Contact: Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego (619) 692-1155  Web:   Email:

March 9-13, 2016

Qigong & Daoist Meditation retreat at a mountain retreat center, San Francisco area. Activities: intensive schedule of qigong, circle walking, zuowang meditation, Daoist priest ordinations, more. sponsor, American Dragon Gate Lineage.


Contact: Shifu Michael Rinaldini, 945 Dorthel St, Sebastopol, CA 95472 (707) 799-4256  Web:   Email:

March 12-13, 2016

2016 Ba Gua Zhang weekend intensive series P2. Foundational Ba Gua training. Classes in Manhattan, NYC. Authentic training in Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang, including developmental Nei Gong exercises. All classes conducted by Tom Bisio and Internal Arts International instructors.


Contact:   Web:   Email:

April 1, 2016

Doctor of Medical Qigong. The course is designed for serious students to dedicate off-campus time for reading, research and study, answering Dr. Cibiks written assignments, doing self-cultivation practice, and becoming introspective of their studies. The course is offered through a 12 month series of weekend intensive. These monthly weekend intensives are designed to bring new material (not available in books) to the students attention and integrate their prior reading and self-practice into a deeper understanding, to have questions answered, to work in a clinical setting, and to hear information passed down from an oral tradition.


Contact: Ted Cibik, Inner Strength (724) 845-1041  Web:  

April 2-3, 2016

Kenneth S. Cohen workshop in Juneau, Alaska. Primordial Qigong: Healthy Body, Awakened Mind, Unity with the Tao


Contact:   Email:

April 2-3, 2016

Advanced Ba Gua Seminar: Ba Gua Mandarin Duck Knives. Manhattan, NYC. Authentic training in Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang. Class conducted by Tom Bisio and Internal Arts International instructors. See complete information at link below or contact: Thomas Bisio 55 Bethune St. #1101 NY NY 10014 (646) 645-9227


Contact: Tom Bisio  Web:   Email:

April 2-3, 2016

Wudang Kungfu: Xingyi with Michael Xia Chongyi workshop will cover basic warm-ups and introductory steps to Five Element Fists, 12 Animal Techniques, Sun Qigong, 5 Element Form, 15 Foundational Stances Form, and Wudang Xingyiquan Linking Fist Form.


Contact: Dao House at (970) 586-4094 ext 1  Web:   Email:

April 12-17, 2016

Master Hwang is a Taoist of the Chuan Zhen School who has devoted his life to researching Taoism and its health benefits. His life focus has been dedicated to the use of Taoist wisdom and medicine to cure various forms of cancer. He has translated and published several books on Taoism; TaoTeh Qien, Tranquil Sitting, Blue Dragon and White Tiger, and Herbal Surgeon.In this weekend workshop we will learn to use Nei Dan Techniques, Chinese Herbal Formulas, Breathing and Acupressure Techniques to rid the body of harmful San Shi Lui Ze and restore health to our bodies. The practitioner will learn to use Jin, Qi, and Shen to establish a healthy foundation.


Contact: Alka Arora/Lisa Squires/YingXing (866) 264-5139  Web:   Email:

April 4-8, 2016

Medical Qigong Certification Seminars with Dr. Bernard Shannon, DTCM, DMQ (China) P2 - Introduction to Diagnosis and Treatments. The second course teaches the student to sense, differentiate, diagnose, and move energy. Students are shown how to strengthen the body's protective energy field (Wei Qi) and techniques used to avoid absorbing Toxic Qi while in a clinical environment. Deepening and expanding upon the theories and skills of purgation, tonification, regulation, and cultivation, students will learn the Medical Qigong treatment protocol for treating patients.


Contact: International College of Medical Qigong (800) 848-0649  Web:   Email:

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