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Summer 2014.
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September 20 - October 17, 2014

Get your certification to teach Qigong in our 108 Hour Organ Qigong Teacher Training program. Organ Qigong is a series of 11 Qigong exercises of deep twisting and turning Qigong exercises. Each exercise stretches or massages the organs of the body and their ligament attachments allowing the organs to move freely within their sphere of motion inside the body. These exercises are designed to stretch, loosen and strengthen your body while developing supple and loose joints, which will allow the organs to move freely within the body. Only once this happens can your Qi begin to reach optimum development within the organ region. You will learn to coordinate your breath, body and mind with each movement. In Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ is associated with a different emotion. Through the organ Qigong you will be able to regulate your mood and emotions. In the theory part of this course you will discover the connection between each organ and the associated positive and negative emotions.


Contact: Tevia Feng 2 Jalan Gotama Ubud, Bali, Indonesia  Web:,   Email:

September 21, 2014

The Divergent Channels.


Contact:   Web:   Email:

September 23, 2014

Live Online Workshop- Qigong for Acid Reflux: Certified Qigong Master through YMAA, Lisa B. OShea, offers online live interactive 60 min. class. Learn specific Qigong exercises, meditation techniques, and nutrition to help acid reflux. 1-2 pm.


Contact: Lisa B. OShea, Qi Gong Institute of Rochester, 595 Blossom Rd. Suite 307, Rochester, NY 14610. Toll Free: (877) 346-4017  Web:   Email:

October 3-5, 2014

Chi Nei Tsang I Taoist Abdominal Energy Rejuvenation: A Certification Training with Jampa Stewart at Santa Fe, NM 87505. Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient and powerful Taoist method of hands-on healing that works with the internal organs, acupressure, Five Elements and the major systems of the body.


Contact: (512) 291-8363  Web:  

October 6-27, 2014

Island in Time China 2014 Daoist Wanderings. Journey with practicing daoists to Beijing, Datong, Heng Shan, Tai Yuan, Xian, Hangzhou. Daily practice. Small group. Time for personal exploration and experiences.


Contact: Genesee Valley Daoist Hermitage. P.O. Box 9224, Moscow, ID 83843. Tel. (208) 285-0123  Email:

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