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August 3-10, 2018

Taiji Pushing Hands / Taiji Fighting Set seminar with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Pushing Hands for all levels - Improving center, stability, body structure, and mind. Includes Yin-Yang Symbol Sticking Hands (Silk Reeling). Taiji Fighting Set for intermediate to advanced practitioners, a choreographed 2-person set that thoroughly explores applications and Taijiquan principles.
Contact: YMAA (800) 669-8892 or (603) 569-7988  Web:  

August 5, 2018

Medical Qigong for Self Health Weekend with Dr. Ted Cibik. This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your bodys energetic flow and blockages. Learn qigong exercises for purging obstructions and block chi from your body. Practice acquiring energy and regulating. Incorporate practices for protection against energy pathogens and toxic emotions.
Contact: Inner Strength (724) 845-1041  Web:   Email:

August 11, 2018

The Building Blocks of Chi Supplementation. Learn and practice proper and optimal applications of vitamin, mineral and Western and Chinese herbal supplements to complement our personal chi care and fortify our physical and energetic health, longevity and stamina. We refine our personal use of nutritional supplementation throughout these workshops. Beyond addressing Chi Supplementation for proper health maintenance, we also visit protocols that effectively advance the prompt and balanced healing of core imbalances in cellular and systemic functions (among them, inflammation, autoimmune response and endocrine system imbalances), often result in disabling physical ailments and life-threatening situations, to restore and improve functional capacity. To ascertain the appropriate supplements in certain of these circumstances, it is necessary that we also seek to understand specific aspects of blood chemistry. Why do we wait almost 2 months between classes? Depending on your physical and chi constitution at the time, it can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks to modify the dosage and ingestion schedule so that it harmonizes well into your constitution while improving your health. We allow for this time between our classes for these adjustments and during this time, you are most welcome to consult with Debra to find the appropriate modification. Students who enroll in this workshop series should first complete Beginning the Qigong Lifestyle.
Contact: Debra Lin Allen, Founder/Director, Chi Wellness, LLC, 4155 East Jewell Av., Suite 105, Denver, CO 80222  Web:   Email:

August 22-26, 2018

Clears Internal Push Hands Instructor Training and Certification Camp in Maryville, TN. 5 days of in-depth, LIVE training in Qi development and internal skill. Feel & capitalize on your opponents tension, structure, and balance errors Build internal energy with alignment and root, Yi training to target inside the body. Sink the Qi by dissolving. Find sung with the energy, breath, mind & body. Feeling inside the body (yours and theirs). Belly breathing & whole body breathing and much more......
Contact: (865) 379-9997  Web:  

August 27-31, 2018

Treatment of Organ Diseases and Prescription Exercises with Dr. Bernard Shannon. This fourth course offers the student an overview of the major principles and foundational structures that govern Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong. This course is designed to introduce students to the advanced theories and clinical modalities of internal organ treatment, as well as the Medical Qigong Exercises and Meditations prescribed as homework in the Medical Qigong Clinic.
Contact: International College of Medical Qigong. Tel (800) 848-0649   Web:  

September 1, 2018

Doctor of Medical Qigong Certification with Dr. Ted Cibik. This program meets quarterly for 5 days, with assignments between sessions for students. Students must already hold a Masters in Medical Qigong or equivalent in order to join this program. Candidates should contact Dr. Cibik to arrange testing or transcript review to enter program.
Contact: Inner Strength (724) 845-1041  Web:   Email:

September 3, 2018

Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy for Oncology (2). This eighth seminar offers the student an overview of the major principles and foundational structures that govern Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong. This course is designed to introduce students to the study of the treatment of various types of cancers and tumor formations. Students will have an exposure to specialized clinical treatments of cancer and the management of the patient's emotional, mental and spiritual states surrounding the disease.
Contact: International College of Medical Qigong. Tel (800) 848-0649   Web:  

Sept 7-9, 2018

The Meaning of Tai Chi/Tai Chi Chuan with Grandmaster Aiping Cheng Grandmaster Aiping Cheng is one of the worlds foremost authorities in Chinese Martial Arts who, in this workshop, will provide a clear understanding of the Meaning of Tai Chi and answer the question: How are yin and yang revealed in Tai Chi? Students will learn the Basic Movements and a Simple Tai Chi Chuan 10 Form including:  Wild Horse Parts its Mane  Grasping Sparrow's Tail  Waving Hands Like Drifting Clouds  Standing on One Leg  Brushing Knee & Zigzag Steps  Holding Single Whip  Flowing Movement to the Left  Monkey Repels  Kick Leg  Snake Creeps Down With over 40 years of training, demonstrating (including as an adolescent, for President Nixon), competing, coaching, and teaching at the highest levels, few can match Grandmaster Chengs credentials. In 1999, Grandmaster Cheng was awarded Top Level by the International Wushu Association, reserved for martial arts masters with at least 30 years of outstanding experience and was also presented with the Award for Outstanding Achievement. In 2008, Grandmaster Cheng was awarded the 8th Duan from the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association for her skill, knowledge, and teaching.
Contact: Yingxing Wang Eastover Estate & Eco Village Lenox, MA 01240 866 264 5139   Web:   Email:

September 10, 2018

TCM Theory II. This class will be taught by Michael Sweeney, DTCM, DMQ (China) LAc. This course delves deeper into the diagnostic systems and treatment principles within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Adjunct therapeutic techniques are explored as well as advanced and applied channel theory. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are also introduced.
Contact: International College of Medical Qigong. Tel (800) 848-0649   Web:  

September 10-29, 2018

Join Solala Towler and Jessica Kolbe for a 20 day study tour in China. Tai Chi, Qigong, Taoism, Tea, Temples, Culture, Food, Pandas and more. Visit lovely Hangzhou. Study in the Wudang Mountains with Master Zhou Jinbo. Visit Chendu, home of Pandas and the best food in China. All inclusive.
Contact: Jessica Kolbe 4672 Eleanor Drive Carpinteria, CA 93013 (805) 705-3426  Web:   Email:

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