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March 22-25, 2018

Terence Dunns Flying Phoenix Qigong I. Flying Phoenix Qigong with Master Terry Dunn is a 3-day immersive workshop that teaches Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations (Fei Feng San Gung), a rare and extraordinarily powerful medical Qigong system that was created more than 400 years ago by renowned Taost monk Feng Dao Deh of Ehrmeishan. In this workshop, you will learn this complete Taoist monastic system of hygienics comprised of standing and seated, stationary and moving meditations that imparts a wide range of salient health benefits with remarkable swiftness: increased respiratory power, improved circulation and metabolism, higher energy levels, improved neuro-muscular function and balance, peak immunity, increased bone strength, and the allostatic reversal of many signs of aging.
Contact: Eastover Estate & Retreat Center, 430 East St., Lenox, MA 01240, Yingxing Wang - (866) 264-5139  Web:   Email:

March 31, 2018

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the Support of Cancer Patients. Cancer patients require an integrative treatment approach. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine offer a variety of effective treatment options to support cancer patients during their western medical treatment regimens. This one-day lecture starts with a look at cancer, chemotherapy and radiation from a Chinese medical perspective.
Contact: Daoist Traditions College (828) 225-3993   Web:   Email:

April 8, 2018

Medical Qi Gong: Healing Sounds, Inner-Smile and Microcosmic Orbit in West Los Angeles, April 8, 2018. Information at:,
Contact: David at (818) 839-1689 

April 10-24, 2018

Daoist Gate Sacred Mountain Pilgrimage - Travel with Daoist (Taoist) priest Zhou Xuanyun, visit China's holy mountains, Train your choice of tai chi, qigong, or kung fu.
Contact: Zhou Xuanyun (508) 245-6397  Web:   Email:

April 12-15, 2018

Dr. Paul Hannah is a compassionate Master Teacher and a lifelong humble student. At Nanging University, he trained and was licensed in acupuncture, moxibustion, and auricular therapy. In this retreat, he will teach students to utilize their Soul Qualities to create radiant health in their lives and to specifically improve organ function. He will teach conscious, radiant Qigong breathing techniques to help neutralize stress and toxic energy as well as align of mind, emotions, body and spirit. Energy Blockages and Meridian Acupoints associated with anxiety, stress and depression will also be covered. Caring very much to help people create greater harmony in their lives, he harnesses his own internal practice to aid students in realizing their full potential.
Contact: Yingxing Wang Eastover Estate & Retreat Center 430 East St. Lenox, MA 01240 866 264 5139   Web:  

April 6-8, 2018

Womens Qi Cultivation with Susan Krieger. Learn a holistic Qi practice to create vitality, beauty, balance, and nutritional health in your life during this rejuvenating womens weekend away.
Contact: Eastover Estate & Retreat Center, 430 East St., Lenox, MA 01240, Yingxing Wang (866) 264-5139  Web:   Email:

April 20-23, 2018

Enjoy a beautiful weekend retreat in the Berkshire Mountains! Join Senior Universal Tao Instructors Marie Favorito and Sharon Smith for a weekend of renewal and rejuvenation. Teaching will Emphasize: The Microcosmic Orbit, The Inner Smile Meditation, The Six Healing Sounds Chi Kung, Training for New Instructors
Contact: Sharon Smith (212) 243-6771  Web:   Email:

April 20, 2018

2018 Daoist Traditions Discovery Day. Join us for DT Discovery Day! Learn more about Daoist Traditions. Tour our campus, listen to engaging presentations by our faculty, receive acupuncture from current students, and enjoy a complimentary lunch. Speak with knowledgeable representatives from Admissions and Financial Aid.
Contact: Daoist Traditions College (828) 225-3993   Web:   Email:

April 27-29, 2018

World Qigong Taichi Day 2018 Weekend Retreat. Celebrate with us on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 10 am  6 pm. World Qigong Taichi Day is a day of FREE presentations, demonstrations and mini-classes offered by nationally recognized leaders of Taichi, Qigong, Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy. Bring your friends & family and dive into the wisdom of ancient Eastern healing traditions. With knowledgeable teachers, discuss and experience practical, modern applications of these healing practices.
Contact: Eastover Estate & Retreat Center, 430 East St., Lenox, MA 01240, Yingxing Wang (866) 264-5139  Web:   Email:

April 27-29, 2018

Chi Energy Healing Workshop in Maryville, TN. 3 Day (4 Workshops) Intensive Secrets of Universal Healing (empty force) Chi Kung. Covered will be Absorbing, Building, Emitting, & Healing with Chi. Includes sensing, interpreting, balancing, & healing specific injuries & illness with Chi.
Contact:   Web:  

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