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November 17-21, 2018

Opening the Heart with Sheng Zhen Meditation & Stillness - with Jing Li. To feel at ease and worry free is everyone's wish. We're all seeking deeper meaning in life and lasting happiness. Most people are seeking for ways in the outer world in which to be healthy and happy; however, if we would seek internally instead turning to the Heart, it is possible to tap into the deep and lasting contentment that resides there - in all of us. Sheng Zhen meditation leads practitioners to the innermost place  the Heart. The use here of a capital H is to indicate that knowledge of the Heart in Chinese life and culture is not identical to what native English speakers refer to as the heart: In Chinese culture, Heart is the master of all the internal organs (Neijing  Suwen, chapter 8; and Neijing  Lingshu, chapter 71). The Heart is the seat of all emotions (Zhang, 1642; Li et al., 2013)/ The Heart  is in control of the mind. (Neijing Suwen, chapter 9). The soul resides in the Heartsee Chinese word (Li et al., 2013). Jing Li is the gifted daughter of Master Junfeng Li, renowned founder of the Sheng Zhen Society
Contact: Yingxing Wang, Eastover Estate & Eco Village, Lenox, MA 01240 (866) 264-5139   Web:   Email:

January 5-6, 2019

Advanced Medical / Clinical Qigong Training: Cancer. Dr. Ted Cibik is offering an exclusive weekend for Energy medicine practitioners. By addressing the specific needs of cancer patients and their unique digestive disorders, we can prevent many of the associated complications. Many of these same techniques can be applied to many auto immune disorder patients.
Contact: Dr. Ted Cibik, Inner Strength (724) 845-1041  Web:   Email:

January 12, 2019

Monthly class taught by Kwan Sai Hung. Subject of the books, The Wandering Taoist and Chronicles of Tao: The Secret Life of a Taoist Master, Mr. Kwan will begin teaching the complete curriculum of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, passing the Art on in the way he was taught by Master Yang Cheng Fu in 1930's China. Class to be held in the Boston, MA area. Visit for further information.
Contact: Meridyth Rancourt (781) 738-5947  Web:   Email:

January 28, 2019

Tai Chi Ruler Workshop with Master Jesse Tsao PhD, Longmont, CO. Tai Chi Ruler cultivates present moment awareness while stimulating important acupuncture points. The ruler also provides massage for energy channels, neck, shoulders & back.
Contact: Steve Elliott, Blue Heron Tai Chi, 800 Martin St, Longmont CO 8050. Tel: (303) 775-5881  Web:   Email:

Feb 2-6, 2019

Medical Qigong Therapist certification second session with Dr Ted Cibik. Students are first taught Medical Qigong exercises to heal their bodies, calm and ground their minds, and reconnect with their spirit. Students then go on to learn the basic Medical Qigong treatment protocols for working with clients. As the program progresses, students learn more advanced theories of energy purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation, as well as advanced theories and modalities of internal organ treatment The diversity of this course allows the student to eventually work in many fields, not limited to healthcare of their fellow man but with animals as well.
Contact: Dr. Ted Cibik, Inner Strength (724) 845-1041  Web:   Email:

Feb 28-22, 2019

P1 Introduction to Medical Qigong Theory with Dr. Bernard Shannon. This first course introduces students to Medical Qigong theory and teaches them exercises that are designed to heal the body, calm the mind, and connect with spirit. Students learn a highly transformative Medical Qigong form that they can use for their own personal cultivation and health. Several Medical Qigong exercises will be taught that help the body correct both physical and energetic imbalances.
Contact: International College of Medical Qigong. Tel (800) 848-0649   Web:  

March 9, 2019

Five Animal Qigong Workshop with Kwan Sai Hung. In this full-day workshop, join Mr. Kwan for an in-depth look into The Five Animals of Hua-Tuo Qigong set, an ancient Medical Qigong set that offers many benefits for today's practitioner. Mr. Kwan is a Taoist monk and subject of the classic books by Deng Ming-Dao, "The Wandering Taoist" and "Chronicles of Tao". Workshop to be held in Boston, MA, USA. All-inclusive price. See website for further details and registration:
Contact: Meridyth Rancourt, (781) 738-5947  Web:   Email:

March 15-17, 2019

Redlands, CA - 3 Day (4 Workshops) Intensive Secrets of Universal Healing (empty force) Chi Kung. Covered will be Absorbing, Building, Emitting, & Healing with Chi. Includes sensing, interpreting, balancing, & healing specific injuries & illness with Chi. Certification is awarded upon completion of workshops 1-3. Excellent Results Guaranteed. (865) 379-9997
Contact: Matthew Holker (865) 379-9997, Local Contact Ty Talbert (951) 317-7474  Web:   Email:

March 28-31, 2019

Tao Tan Pai Qigong with Terence Dunn. Terence Dunn teaches the Taoist Elixir Method (Tao Tan Pai) Basic 31 Meditations in this 22-hour immersive Qigong workshop. Taoist Elixir Method is a complete ancient Taoist system of moving meditation and breath control that imparts good health, vitality and personal empowerment by coordinating eyes, mind, movement, and breath according to an alchemic formula that opens the heart, clears and focuses the mind and profoundly strengthens the body. The health benefits of Tao Tan Pai practice are improved circulation, respiration, digestion, metabolism, posture, balance, flexibility, neuro-muscular coordination, sound and restful sleep, and effective management of stress.
Contact: Yingxing Wang, Eastover Estate & Eco Village, Lenox, MA 01240 (866) 264-5139  Web:   Email:

April 26-28, 2019

World Qigong Taichi Day 2019 Weekend Retreat. World Qigong Taichi Day is a day of FREE presentations, demonstrations and mini-classes offered by nationally recognized leaders of Taichi, Qigong, Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy. Bring your friends & family and dive into the wisdom of ancient Eastern healingtraditions. With knowledgeable teachers, discuss and experience practical, modern applications of these healing practices.
Contact: Yingxing Wang, Eastover Estate & Eco Village, Lenox, MA 01240 (866) 264-5139  Web:   Email:

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