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September 21-30, 2019

This 10-day meditation retreat will be held at our new training facility, located outside of Nashville, TN. The property consists of 369 beautiful and secluded acres that allow for direct contact with all the elemental forces. This retreat is open to disciples of the Temple of Peace and Virtue and students (current or previous) of the ICMQ and IMCQ. Extended students (students of our students) are also invited.
Contact: International College of Medical Qigong. Tel (800) 848-0649   Web:  

September 21-22, 2019

A Taoist alchemy form, Big Dipper Qigong utilizes movements to repair and refine. While practicing the movements, the Qi captures the essence of the Big Dipper to guide the Heart Yang and Kidney Yin into communication. This then develops your original vitality and original energy .
Contact: Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School 1631 NE Broadway #409 Portland, OR 97232  Web:   Email:

October 4-6, 2019

Autumn Mountain Retreat with Kwan Sai Hung, Waterville Valley, White Mountains, New Hampshire. Come join Kwan Sai Hung (The Wandering Taoist, subject of the trilogy, "Chronicles Of Tao"), and learn the treasured Qigong form, Five Venoms Snake Sword, Qigong foundational training, Taoist Meditations, Taoist diet and philosophy. Space limited. All-inclusive fee. Complimentary round-trip shuttle from Boston, MA. Visit to register.
Contact: Meridyth Rancourt, Tel. (781) 738-5947  Web:   Email:

October 5-6, 2019

Winter Yang Sheng Qigong with Master Liu He in Lewiston, Idaho. This qigong form is designed to strengthen your Yang Qi and connect your deep internal reservoirs in order to release your fears. Includes seasonal nutrition and lifestyle suggestions.
Contact: Jennifer Bauer, (208) 790-3250  Web:   Email:

October 5-9, 2019

Medical Qigong Therapist program with Dr. Ted Cibik. Students are first taught Medical Qigong exercises to heal their bodies, calm and ground their minds, and reconnect with their spirit. Students then go on to learn the basic Medical Qigong treatment protocols for working with clients. As the program progresses, students learn more advanced theories of energy purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation, as well as advanced theories
Contact: Dr. Ted Cibik, Inner Strength (724) 845-1041  Web:   Email:

October 12-17, 2019

2019 Five Day Fall Retreat with William C. C. Chen. Join the acclaimed Grandmaster William C. C. Chen for an intensive five-day Tai Chi Chuan Fall Retreat. Knowledge of the Yang-style short form is a requirement for participation. The Retreat will include Yang-style Short Form, Form Refinement, Applications, and Push-Hands.
Contact: Yingxing Wang, Eastover Estate & Eco Village, Lenox, MA 01240 (866) 264-5139  Web:   Email:

October 12, 2019

Due to the success of his meditation course last year in New York City, Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis will be back in the Big Apple teaching a full day course on Meditation and Qigong! Following the traditional way that Taoists would learn meditation, this course will include sitting and moving qi gong methods that will increase your qi not only for health but also enable you to better access and resolve your inner blockages. Visit to register.
Contact:   Web:   Email:

October 19-20, 2019

Qigong for Children. In this fast paced world, as adults we can become overwhelmed with all the information and stimulus. As we look at our habits and patterns we begin to look at our children and how they are coping. We hear of many children experiencing Autism, behavioral disorders, hyperactivity, nervousness, or lack of focus and concentration. Join us for this weekend topic: Qigong for Children, a form to pass along to children to offset daily stress, experience a sense of calm, centeredness and connection. Five Animal Play Qigong uses animated postures, children can learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy through this practice improving concentration and focus, stimulating imagination and helping to release energy in a fun, safe environment.
Contact: Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School 1631 NE Broadway #409 Portland, OR 97232  Web:   Email:

October 25, 2019

Explore the Depth and Magic of 24 Forms with Dr. Paul Lam. Workshop in Fresno, California. Dr. Lam will go beyond the depth and share his 40 plus years of tai chi and medical science knowledge to facilitate your tai chi development and enjoyment. He will offer feedback, points of improvement and direction to develop your tai chi. Dr. Lam has extensive experience working with the most respected Chinese experts on this set, including its main creators. Anyone who knows the 24 Forms is welcome. Attending this class will deepen your understanding of tai chi principles and the features of Yang style.
Contact: (844) 823-7526  Web:   Email:

October 26-27, 2019

Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention with Dr. Paul Lam. Workshop in Fresno, California. During this exciting workshop, Dr. Lam will explain the ultimate purpose of tai chi, what Qi (vital life energy) is, work on using the Yi (mind) to drive the Qi and the Qi to drive the Jing (internal force). He will show you how to deliver the Jing and use it to store and regenerate more Qi. Your tai chi will improve significantly. These techniques and knowledge are applicable to all forms and styles of Tai Chi. This workshop is a great opportunity to develop your Tai Chi and gain greater health benefits for anyone who has learned Tai Chi for Arthritis (1&2).
Contact: (844) 823-7526  Web:   Email:

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