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Chinese Herbs, Diet and Nutrition

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Chinese Herbs, Diet and Nutrition Articles

Ginseng the Mysterious Root of Heaven

The man-shaped root from China, Ginseng is known for its invigorating and rejuvenating properties. Exactly what are the facts on this remarkable substance, and is it panacea or placebo? Let's look a little closer.

The Sang Diggers. Perspective from early America

Article reprinted from "Hunters and Trappers Guide" (ninth edition) by W.J. Burnett, Minneapolis, Minnesota, circa 1901. This gives us a historical perspective of the "Sang" hunters and the value of ginseng from early America.

How Garlic Became An Herbal Medicine

How did this foul-smelling weed become an herbal medicine? Here is the traditional folk tale of its discovery by a farmer in China.

The Dao of Herbs

A basic primer on Chinese herbal tonics. Explains the concepts of the three treasures of jing, qi, and jing. Applying the principle of the Three Treasures is the highest form of herbalism. In the Orient it is called the Superior Herbalism.

Tonic Herbs that Every Qigong Practitioner Should Know

Chinese tonic herbalism is the most sophisticated and effective herbal system in the world. It differs from other herbal systems in that it emphasizes the promotion of health rather than the elimination of disease. In this sense, tonic herbalism is extremely similar to qigong. --Part 1

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