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Page 8 - The Dao of Herbs

Tonic herbs can be categorized as jing (yin and/or yang), qi (energy and/or blood) and shen (opening and/or stabilizing) by virtue of which of the Three Treasures they tend to nourish and develop. Applying the principle of the Three Treasures is the highest form of herbalism. In the Orient it is called the Superior Herbalism.

Cultivating the Three Treasures

The Daoist arts put almost immeasurable emphasis on cultivating the Three Treasures. The various techniques for developing, managing, expanding and utilizing the Three Treasures include such arts as qigong (in general), neigong (internal qigong or internal alchemy), meditation, the martial arts, acupressure, tonic diet, and perhaps most powerfully of all, the Superior Herbalism, also known as tonic herbalism, among other techniques. All together, these arts are referred to in the Orient as the Art of Radiant Health.


Ron Teeguarden has been practicing Daoism and a variety of specific Daoist healing arts for over 30 years. Ron has spent many years studying in China and Japan. He studied with the legendary Daoist master Sung Jin Park in the 1970s. Ron co-developed the acupressure technique known as Jin Shin Do and has taught the Daoist healing arts to thousands of people. He wrote the classic book Chinese Tonic Herbs published by Japan Publications in 1985. His most recent book, The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs, published by Warner Books. Ron is the developer of the Dragon Herbs line of herbal products.

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